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Got leftover Rhubarb? Then you've got a great recipe for a Rhubarb Pie Smoothie!  There are only so many rhubarb recipes out there, why not try a smoothie one? I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

What's better than a mash-up of Apple and Pumpkin Pie together? Why a smoothie recipe of course! What's not to like with this combination of two pies into one!

Very Berry Delicious is what this smoothie is all about! Just 4 simple ingredients and you are on your way to smoothie greatness!

Fruit and Vegetables smoothie supreme! That's what you will find in this delightful smoothie!

"The three oranges"! Mango, pumpkin and carrot all in one drink!

Zucchini in a smoothie? No Way! Yes Way! It's mixed with oranges and oh the julius you will taste in this smooth smoothie!


Blueberries are abundant in this blend of 3 fruits to make this smoothie simply yummy and good for you!

I was never a big fan of spinach in a drink, but this smoothie goes beyond my wildest imagination!

It hits the spot for sure! Give it a try - you will like it, I guarantee it!

It's all in a name! And this smoothie recipe has it all! Vegetables and fruits galore mixed with seeds and spices! You name it, this smoothie has it! Nutritious and delicious!

If you love, love, love "Matcha tea" then this smoothie is for you! Combining Matcha tea powder with 4 other fabulous ingredients - this is your new "go-to" Matcha drink!

Not just another kiwi-pineapple smoothie!  This is blended with bananas and honey to make this smoothie one of my all-time favorite blends!

Yes! Finally a Kale smoothie! Mixed with fresh, frozen, or canned peaches! Kale never tasted so good in a smoothie before! Good just became - scrump-dilly-icious!

Never had cucumber in a smoothie before? Then this is the recipe for you! Honey Dew +Cucumber=a match made in heaven!  So smooth and sublime is this smoothie! Perfect for a summer night picnic!

So refreshing is another avocado smoothie! This one is mixed with pineapples and apricots!  Finally a mixture together that is so refreshing, good for you, and tastes great!

Beets in a smoothie? Who Knew? These days you can put anything you like into a smoothie, but will you know how it will come out or will it taste good? With this recipe you can be sure the ingredients mixed together come out tasting great! Give Beets a try!

Another favorite chocolate smoothie! Who can go wrong with chocolate covered bananas in a smoothie right!? So tasty!

Another Frozen Smoothie Recipe to cool you off on those hot summer days! A unusual twist on ingredients you will find this smoothie so relaxing and filling!

Berries and Bananas and Spinach Oh My! The three main ingredients in this delightful, artsy lover smoothie recipe!  A sure-pleasing-palette delight!

HINT: Each recipe is printable! Easy and convenient to add to your favorite recipe collection!

Carrot Cake in a smoothie? You bet! Why not combine these favorite ingredients into a healthier version of carrot cake that you can drink and enjoy!

Why not kick it up a notch and add some spice and hotness to this cool green smoothie!  Just a touch of jalapeno for you pepper lovers is all it takes to give this smoothie recipe a kick in the butt!

Raspberries, Bananas and Surprises make up this light and refreshing smoothie!

Peaches and Walnuts and Cinnamon oh my! It's like a Maple Walnut Ice Cream Surprise, all built into a delightful smoothie!

My two favorites! Coconut and Mango Surprise! Love this combination!


Oh Sweet, sweet ginger! Where have you been all my life?  Right here in this wonderful smoothie with oranges and nectarines and carrots - all the wonderful "orange" ingredients just waiting to get you drunk!

Oh My Gosh! Strawberries and bananas are on display in this light and refreshing smoothie! You just can't go wrong with this combination!

A nice "Fall" Smoothie! This recipe will please and fulfill your pumpkin pie dreams!  If you like everything pumpkin, then you will fall in love with this smoothie! Not just for the Fall, but for the whole year!

"Popeye" would be so proud to drink this smoothie! Spinach never tasted so good in a smoothie before, until now!

This recipe is a Frappe for your palette! A bit different than just a simple smoothie, this recipe has it all - just a bit thicker!

Grapes in a smoothie?? Who knew? This fabulous combination of grapes and limes mixed with other fruits and vegy's make this smoothie one of a kind and so delicious!

From the garden to a smoothie! This will be your new favorite recipe to make with your fresh from the garden ingredients!

Bonanza Wowza Juice!

Cucumbers, avocado and Lemon - finally a great avocado smoothie, I can sink my mouth around!  Simple, easy and delicious!

Not just another avocado smoothie! This one is mixed with bananas - two nutrient-rich ingredients make up this smooth as a baby's bottom smoothie delight!

Ooh la la My two faves! Chocolate and Raspberry together in this wonderfully smooth, full-bodied smoothie! Yummy!

Refreshing is so right for this smoothie recipe!

Made with frozen fruit bars - it is a sure refresher for a hot summer day! Chill out with this smoothie!

Apples and caramel = Apple Pie Smoothie! Life is good when you can have these awesome ingredients together in a smoothie! Perfect "Fall" kinda day refreshing smoothie!

Fresh Blueberries and your own Basil from your garden delight in this new smoothie recipe! Healthy and yummy are the best two words I can use to describe this back to earth smoothie!

And a good morning you will have when you wake up to this smoothie recipe! Full of ingredients to help you start your day with a lot of energy! This recipe will keep you going all morning!

What's morning when you can't have your coffee and drink it too!  Well this smoothie incorporates your morning "joe"right into this recipe!  Skip your traditional cup of coffee and dive right into this morning joe smoothie!

This combo of a smoothie is light and refreshing! It will wake up your senses any time of the day! Enjoy!

This smoothie is tart, refreshing and delicious! It disguises healthy greens with a taste similar to a mojito!

Make your Summer Salad into a Smoothie with this refreshingly light recipe! No salad bowl or prep work here - just salad greens and frozen fruit make up this great salad alternative meal!

Love Grapefruit? Then you will love this unique smoothie recipe that incorporates grapefruit, spinach and fresh ginger! Like the sound of that? Then Go ahead  and give  this smoothie a try!

Step right up and Get your coconut Mango Custard Smoothie recipe right here folks! If you like coconut custard pie, then you will love this smoothie too!

Get your veggies intake with this easy to make smoothie recipe! Broccoli never tasted so good!

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