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100 Pound Weight Loss!

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100 pounds + Weight Loss

Wow! What an accomplishment! You did it! Way to go!

100 + pounds of weight are off your body! What does that even look like? What does it even feel like? How do you even accomplish that? How did you do that?

I’ll tell you how I did it! Through the right mind set, perseverance, attitude, support from family and friends and just plain old-fashioned eating the right healthy foods, education and plain ole exercise. That’s how I did it! That’s how you can do it!

Amazing results? YES! More Energy? YES! Feeling healthier? YES! Able to walk up that staircase without passing out? YES! Able to wipe my Bumm without being a contortionist? YES, YES and YES!

It all feels so good and feeling so proud of losing all that unwanted weight is awesome. You feel amazing on the inside and you look freakin amazing on the outside! But no one ever shares the struggles they had leading up to the 100 pounds they gave up. It is no easy feat I mind you! It takes a lot of work, balance, and education. But isn’t anything that’s good for your health happiness all that and more! Most definitely yes!

No one likes to be told they are overweight. No one likes to be told they need to lose weight. No one likes to be told they are pre-diabetic or at risk for heart disease and cancer even. Everyone skirts around telling someone they are unhealthy in their bodies. Yes, you can be happy and be overweight, but let’s be honest there are some real struggles to being 100 pounds or more overweight! Honestly, for most people (myself included) there was a lot of restrictions I simply just could not do in my overweight body.

Eating that burger tasted so good and was an instant stress-reliever, but was it really? For the few seconds it was in my mouth, yes. But for the rest of the evening afterwards, at bedtime and the next morning? Heck, No! It made me feel ten times worse! Both physically and mentally. So why do we sabotage ourselves so much? Because Food is the easiest stress reliever in the world! Just grab, bite, swallow and boom instant, easy relief!

But truth be told, all that extra weight stops us from doing so much! No one ever likes to talk about how hard it is to walk down and get the mail without passing out on the way back. Or feeling that embarrassment and look on your Childs face when you have to remove yourself from that amusement park ride before it even starts because you can’t even fit in the seat!

Or asking for a larger size gown at the Dr’s office when they hand you a small one.

Or how about always having to ask for a table at a restaurant because you can’t fit in the booth! Been there, done that so many times! Or the panic you feel when there are no tables and only booths and knowing you will be so uncomfortable the whole night.

No one ever talks about how hard it is to be overweight. Not just the fact that we are just oversized in our bodies, but the real facts on how it affects us in real life. Not just our looks, but our own mental and physical well-being.

Are you diabetic? Do you have Sleep Apnea? Are you round in the middle and at risk for heart disease making your heart work even more? Are you at risk for breast cancer or any cancer because of your size? Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

The scale is just numbers most people will say to you to make you feel better. But the fact is that the scale does not lie to you. The scale is showing you the real facts and it is telling you yes you are overweight, and yes you are 100 pounds overweight. Do you want to stay at this weight forever? If you do, and you are fine with it, and you are experiencing none of what I just said, then STOP reading and go live your life. You know how you feel. No one can tell you how to feel. But what I know, what I have experienced with that extra 100 pounds on my body is exactly what I have mentioned above and then some.

How many times have I lied to myself? That I feel fine. That looking at that dress that is 5 sizes smaller hanging in my closet every day for the last 10 years will fit me soon.

Not even your doctor will tell you to lose weight. If you are overweight, you will be told you are pre-diabetic. Even those words don’t wake you up! So, when you do become diabetic, instead of focusing on diet and exercise and maybe, just maybe losing some weight, you rely on medicine to help cure you!

It is a never-ending cycle of self-sabotage, until you wake up one morning so down and frustrated and sick of your life, that you finally find the courage to do something about it and lose 100 pounds!

Sleep Apnea – Gone! Diabetes – managed and numbers going down! Heart Disease risk – Nada! Fitting in that booth – So YES! Regular Dr’s gown fitting – YES Ma’am! Amusement Park rides of your life with your kiddos – Absolutely YES! 2 Mile walks and still breathing at the end – Damn straight that is a definite YES! Walk another mile – absolutely!

Still using food as a stress reliever? – No, No and No! Living my best life ever – YES, YES and YES! Living your life, the way that you want to and not because of the way that you need to because of your bodies restrictions from being over 100 pounds overweight = FREEDOM AT LAST!

Freedom to do whatever I want to do with “very little restrictions”. All of those missed years of doing simple stuff as a younger person is now right there for me to reach out and do now. Think you are too old to make any changes to your health happiness? Think again – this is coming from a woman in her fifties and just starting to live her best life ever.

If I can do it, so can you! Never tell yourself NO to anything! You deserve to be able to be the best version of yourself in a healthier body!

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