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Say What? Healthy eating with a family? What's that?

Say What? Healthy eating with a family? What's that?

Trying to maintain your own health happiness and losing weight, when you have a family to feed as well is a real struggle many of us deal with on a day to day, hour to hour basis.

When you are the only one trying to lose weight, exercise, or maintaining your goal weight, it can be really hard to try to manage your family's meal plans around your own needs. Many of us give up and dig into that macaroni and cheese for the kids. It's easier to just chow on that comfort food. It's quick, it's easy, and it's a real pallet pleaser to the kids and yourself. We often feel as if we have to make separate dinners. One for the family and one for ourselves.

When the truth is, the whole family needs to eat healthier, not just yourself. They may not need to lose weight, or maintain their weight, but starting early (or late - makes no difference each day is a new day), will lead not just you, but your whole family on a healthy eating habit path for the rest of your lives.

Engaging the "whole" family into meal planning and grocery shopping and farm stand perusing, is the first step towards eating better as a family. The isolation you feel towards making separate food choices will disappear almost instantly.

You need to be creative! Use your imagination! Meal planning should be fun! Making a salad for yourself, but you think your kids won't like all that green stuff? Think again! Adding something as simple as oranges, or strawberries or peanuts will spark their interest and their pallets will soon enough be craving what you need. You don't have to plan alone, once you get your whole family involved in the process, in the simple mentality of needing to eat to live, not living to eat, you can all make that healthy eating journey together.

You are building healthy life skills, that you all will grow old together with. And growing old together is what we all want, don't we?

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