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Are you doing your "Happy Dance"?

I'm Doing my Happy Dance!

How do you measure success in your life? Are you doing the happy dance right now? If you are then congrats, you are on your way to a long-fulfilling happy healthy life!

Success comes in many different forms and comes in many different ways! You can achieve little bits here and there, or huge chunks all at once. The choice is up to you! Your minor successes can seem insignificant to you now; but remember they can lead to major ones. Sometimes the major successes you achieve in life, can be measured by the little steps you have taken along your way to achieve them.

Achieving just the little goals you have set for yourself along your journey to health happiness, can lead to more permanent successes in your life. Setting daily, weekly or even monthly goals for yourself, can be more attainable if you stick to them. Keeping a list and posting it in a visible spot for you to review every day, keeping a journal close by, or logging in to your favorite website every day are excellent tools to use to help you along your journey to success.

I call these tools “micro steps” to “macro successes”. I have set mini goals for myself. Sometimes it is weekly, like cutting back more on my carbohydrates one week, and sugar the next. Monthly goals I have set are to lose 10 pounds, and to increase exercising by another 5 minutes per day. Daily goals are to remember to log in my food intake and exercise into my computer log every day.

By setting and maintaining these micro steps, I can easily achieve my long-term macro successes. I also have my long-term goals set for myself, and I look forward to a year from now, when I can look back at all I have achieved. Maintaining the little successes, can sometimes set you back, but each day is a new beginning, and part of the happy dance to major successes is dealing and confronting the failures and obstacles that have given us those setbacks to begin with. It is part of life, and it is not easy, but it is attainable.

Losing weight and exercising for me, has made me feel so much better on a daily basis, that even though I come across obstacles some days, the long-term effect I will feel outweigh even the littlest of bumps I have stumbled over. Going to the Doctor visits actually excites me now! I look forward to seeing my progress in my numbers and stats. The more my numbers go down, the more excited and motivated I get to continue doing what is right for my health and fitness journey. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I can envision myself getting through to the other side. A lot of my aches and pains have minimized, my activity level has increased, my stamina has skyrocketed. My blood sugar levels have decreased, and My long-term goal is to be free from my diabetes diagnosis once and for all!

Some weeks can be challenging, and you may feel like you are slipping back into your old habits. Events can occur, and you may want to indulge yourself in an unhealthy food way, or stop exercising. It is O.K.! Your life does not have to be perfect, Shit happens. But just remembering that you have never felt better in your life physically and mentally, is all the kick-start you need to get back on track. Let the day go by, feel sorry for yourself, wallow even a little bit if you want to, cry the sympathy tears if you need to, let it out and then get right back on track the next day.

No one ever had a major success and stayed on top without a few minor failures along the way. I don’t even like to call them failures, but micro-nuisances instead. Little nuisances that will disappear rapidly if you let them! Just little bugs that have annoyed you for a little bit, but easily swatted away, when you write about them in your journal, or talk about them with a friend or family member. Support is the key to your success.

Don’t just rely on yourself for your major successes. Sometimes it takes a “village” to keep you on track. No one said it would ever be easy to do on your own, and it isn’t. Just take that one day at a time. Remember your daily, weekly and monthly goals you have set for yourself and you will achieve them. Your long-term success does not come overnight. It didn’t take you a day or week or even a month to gain 100 pounds. It took years. So, remember little goals to achieve major success is the key that will open your door to your successes in life!

I am doing my happy dance (hakuna matata) right now, are YOU?

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