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The Season of Giving is upon Us ...

The Season of Giving is upon us…

The end of the year is upon us, and I like to think that this is the season of giving. Not just because it is December, and not just because it is Christmas time, but because it has been a well-lived year. Giving back to those who have helped you along any journey you may have been on this year, is the reason for the season.

Paying it forward to those who have been a part of your life, to those who have given you reason to hope, for receiving gifts bestowed upon you when you least expected them and for the grace and forgiveness you have been given and that you have given, whether deserved or not. The end of the year is a time for reflection for all that you have accomplished, and for all that you will accomplish.

Christmas time has always held a special place in my heart. It reminds me of what the season stands for. A renewed light has been awoken again, and it is time to share the light brightly for all of those in need. Time to put aside our differences, our resentments, our long-time arguments and come together as one. You have been created and put on this earth for a reason. Those that have passed this holiday season are looking down upon us all in expectancy that we will do good in the world. That we will help one another, that we will love one another, that we will care for one another.

Not just during this special time of the year, but all through the year, every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Time passes along so quickly, we only get one life time chance to get it right.

The older we become, the more urgent the need is to become what we were meant to be. You can’t change or fix the past years, although for many of us we would love a “do-over”, it’s too late for that. We just need to live this day better than we did the last day, and the next day better than the one before.

We have all been given a gift, we have already been given our “do-overs” whether we have seen it or not. Each day that you wake up in the morning and look at the day ahead of you is another chance to start over, it is another “do-over” from the day before to make this day, the day that you give back and pay it forward.

Emotionally, physically, spiritually, we can all change this season. To give of yourself is so much more important to those around you than you could ever imagine. Through giving a nice compliment, through making the effort to sit all together and having conversations at a family meal, to helping out a neighbor in need, for having the patience, while waiting in a long line at the store and being kind.

There are so many ways to give back and pay it forward this giving season. The ways you can improve someone elses life are endless. Through simple actions, the gratefulness you will witness will be returned to you ten times more.

The season of giving means so much more than material possessions. You cannot buy family or time or traditions or even memories. You have to live these moments, you have to create these moments, you have to share these moments.

All you have is time, why waste any more of it? Give the gift of time. Make a date with that old-time friend, have a sit-down conversation with a loved one. Reconcile your differences with a family member. Have a conversation with a stranger. Make that visit to an old relative. Share a meal with a child in need. Say Please and Thank you and Your Welcome.

Sharing family values, being kind and nice all matter in a world that seems to have forgotten what time-honored respect and dignity and grace mean. It is time to bring back patience and understanding of each other. We are all one human race, we are all on one planet, we have no differences. Kindness and respect does not have limitations, it is not gender or race-based, it is not circumstantial, and everyone deserves it.

Deliver your Christmas cards in person if you can. Make that phone call to those you can’t. With everyone so wrapped up on their I-phones and tablets and computers, having a real-time conversation seems to have been forgotten. Make the time to surprise the ones you love. Have that coffee and conversation with an old school mate. Play with your children, laugh at your co-worker’s corny jokes, and hold your grandparents’ hands. Make the memories this season that you will remember forever, that you will cherish forever, and that you will share forever.

When you get out of bed tomorrow morning, reflect upon your past, and figure out what you can do to give back and think of ways that you can pay it forward.

Say hello to yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself what would “Jesus” do today?

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