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Straight From The Horses' Mouth!

You heard it - Straight from the Horses’ Mouth! You said it, now you have to believe it! They said it, do you believe it? Is it true what everyone says about finding your own journey and following it to the end no matter what anyone else says?

But if it comes out of your mouth, do you really mean it? Do you really believe it? I sure hope so! Sometimes we just don’t believe it unless we say it out loud ourselves. We can wish and dream, and click our heals three times, but it ain’t gonna happen, unless we stir up those tornadoes of reckoning and change and head them in the right direction to topple down the “old you” once and for all.

We have to believe in what we are saying, for it to truly sink in. Making up our mind once and for all that we are going to do something, and to do it right this time!

It will take courage. It will take heart. It will take thinking. It will take strength and perseverance.

Like the “wizard of OZ” movie, we can all learn from the main characters what it takes to make their dreams come true. Not some magic wizard at the end of the road, but what they find along the way on their journey. We all want to get home; we all want to believe what comes out of our mouths. But the most important lesson is what we learn through that process. Finding our true selves. Finding what truly helps us find who we really are, who we really want to be.

There truly is somewhere over that rainbow. That somewhere is finding peace and happiness with yourself. Really believing in yourself and what you say to be true.

Finding Peace never felt so good! Go forth my friend, find yourself. You already said the words that matter; right from your horses’ mouth…

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