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Setting a Goal...

Setting a Goal--- Doesn’t have to be as hard to set and achieve as you think!

Mind over matter is the key! Make a list of 6 goals you would like to achieve over the next week, month or year. Write them down and put them in a spot you can see every day! For me, they are right on my refrigerator. You have to eat every day, and go into your fridge, so this is the perfect spot to place them!

For me, turning another year older on my birthday this year, means stepping up my goals a bit for the coming year. I need to lose more weight to reach my health happiness, so I am going to exercise more, I am going to make better choices, eat more veggies, let go of what I can’t control and stay more focused on what I want to achieve, and how I am going to achieve it.

Once you have these goals established, you need to focus on a way that you can and will achieve them!

Setting goals for yourself can be for anything you want to do with your life. Education is key. Once I wrote down my goals, I became a knowledge junkie! I started researching all the ways that becoming a vegetarian was good for me! I started out slowly and gradually incorporated more vegetables and fruits into my diet. A little at a time is key. I love them all, so for me it wasn’t hard at all. I tried new things, I tried new recipes. I skimmed out all the foods that were not letting me lose the weight I needed to lose to become a healthier version of myself.

I set my plan into motion with a vision I had of my future self! That future entailed a thinner,fitter, more active, more open to new ideas vision of myself. Both physically and mentally.

I made a pact with myself, that I would strive to achieve all of these goals right here, right now, this day!

I wanted to achieve little goals and make progress slowly, one week at a time on the scale of health happiness. Giving myself a time frame of a year, made it possible to stay focused and have an end date in mind for reaching my goals. I knew that if I marked on the calendar on my refrigerator next to my goal list, a year from now to reach my weight loss I have set up for myself, I would have a positive date in my future to look forward to!

Each month that goes by, I can feel confident in achieving everything that I want to do. Each month that went by was one step closer to achieving my dream of reaching my health happiness goals. It was also a reminder, that even if I failed that month on staying on track, and losing focus, I still had the next month to get myself motivated again and continue on my journey.

I just picked myself back up and stayed on track. I made myself remember why I set these goals for myself in the first place.

To lose weight, to exercise daily, to make better choices, to eat more veggies, to let go of what I can’t control, and to stay more focused on my journey.

Once you reach your goal, you will always want to stay on top!

You may have to climb down from time to time but remember to always pick yourself back up and make that journey to the top again. Oh, what a feeling it will be when you reach the top! You were meant to be there. You will be there!

Just set those goals and you will be on your way! I know we can all do it! Mind over Matter…

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