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Live Your Dream!

Live Your Dream! Have you always thought as a little girl that your dreams would come true, if you just wished hard enough? If you just closed your eyes and thought about the same dream every night that it would come true eventually?

As little girls we all dream of becoming a princess or an astronaut. We dream of become doctors or lawyers or teachers maybe. Or cowgirls living on a ranch. We dream of becoming a famous chef, or movie star or singer! We dream of having a happy, full-filling rich life. To fall in love and marry the person of our dreams. To live in a big house with a picket fence and a yard filled with puppies and kittens. To becoming mothers. To have a career that will both satisfy us and last us a lifetime.

But do we ever dream of becoming over-weight and unhealthy? Do we dream about becoming sick and inactive and lazy and unmotivated? So why do we lead our lives on this path, when we never thought we would? We grow up and events and consequences hop into our lives unexpectedly, and we weren’t prepared to accept them. So instead of facing them head on, and doing something about these unexpected happenings, we destroy our bodies to cope with the aftermath. We chose to forget about our dreams.

We let life pick and choose for us, instead of us picking and choosing what we wanted. We chose not to live through our problems and fix them, but to let the problems live through us and stay there.

This year is coming to an end very soon. It’s the season of Thankfulness and Forgiveness. Thankful that we can forgive ourselves and each other for the mistakes we have made. For the wrong paths we have followed, and for the wrong choices we have made. It’s not too late to still follow our childhood dreams. They can become a reality for all of us, if we just accept that Life does happen in unexpected challenges. But its how we choose to live through them and move on, rather than letting them live and move on without us is what matters.

You still may have a long hill to climb to reach the dreams you have set out for yourself as a “young you”, but its not impossible! The word “Impossible” says “I’m possible”!

If you can dream it, you can achieve it! Anything is possible!

Just because we grow older, doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming. It doesn’t mean that another year has to end without a dream being fulfilled. Your health happiness can be achieved! It’s not too late. Don’t let another year close without remembering what you dreamed about as a child.

Your dreams are your friends. Embrace them wholeheartedly this thanksgiving season. Never stop dreaming, never stop being Thankful. Never stop forgiving yourself and others. Don’t let Life get in your way any longer. Rejoice in living again. You only get one life, but you get several chances to live it right!

Take that chance today and go make your dream(s) come true!

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