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Change is a Choice.

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Change is a Choice.

Whether we want to or not, to change our behavior and the way we want to live, we have to make a choice to want that change.

Change does not come easily for most, but making that choice is the first step!

If we don’t choose to change our eating and exercise habits, our weight will not change.

If we don’t choose to change how we react and respond to our old habits and things that happen to us along the way, our mindset will not change.

If we don’t choose to change our attitude, well then nothing will change.

It took most of us quite a few years, to choose to do things differently. But once you chose to make those necessary changes, your lives did change for the better.

We can’t keep going around and around in circles with the same attitudes and expect different outcomes each time. If we choose not to make change, then change for the better will not happen. It is a monotonous, spiralizing, sometimes paralyzing and out of control choices we have already made. So why do we want to make even more uncontrolled changes? Choosing to change is only half the battle. Making the choice to make the right change is the other half.

So, how do we know if we are making the right changes? Our bodies and minds will let us know!

Do we feel at peace with the choices we have made?

Have our bodies showed us the changes?

Have other people in our lives noticed the changes?

Do we feel positive about the choice of changes we have made?

Do we see real changes?

So, what’s the next step?

Following thru on the changes we have made and sticking to them for long-term.

To be successful for any changes, you have to stick with it for the rest of your life.

Especially with weight loss changes! If you want to keep the weight off and keep any changes you have made “unchanged” then you have to be willing to make permanent changes!

We can’t just wake up one day and say today is the day I am going to choose to change, and then not stick with it! Changes need to be for a lifetime not just a day, a week, or month – but forever, if we want successful, livable changes!

Find your new way and choose to make those changes today!

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