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Do as I say, Not as I Do.

Blog #16

1. Do as I say and not as I do (Verb)

Don't imitate my behavior but obey my instructions.

How many times have we said or heard this statement in our lifetime? Several. I'm guilty, I'll admit it! Before I started my health happiness journey, I always knew what I needed to do to walk down that path, I just never acted on it. I always told other people what they wanted to hear, and how to go about finding the right path, but I never listened to my own advice!

Sound familiar? Acting on what we suggest to others that they should be doing and not doing ourselves is a real oxymoron in everyone's vocabulary. What does OXYMORON mean? Words having no relationship or having contradiction are put together in such a way, the set or such words give a different meaning.

How many oxymoron's have you faced in your life? Trying to live your life healthy and staying on your happiness journey sounds so much better out of your lips telling someone else, then actually trying to fulfill your quest yourself. It is so much easier to tell someone else how to achieve their dreams than actually trying to live our own.

Is there a cure for this dreaded term? Only if we are determined not to follow in someone else's footsteps and start walking on our own path! To take the words we say and fold them internally into ourselves. To do what we tell others to do. We can't live in a fantasy world forever. Family and friends can see our actions, they will follow what we do. Encouraging words only mean so much if we set an example and live through those words!

Having been there and done that several times; one day it just hits you, and you realize it's time to move forward and make the changes you need to make. To make the changes you keep telling everyone else to make but YOU.

Do what YOU say YOU are going to do because YOU deserve it! "Oxymoron" - what the heck does that even mean anymore? It's not in my vocabulary anymore, is it still in YOURS?

Do what you say, that's what matters. That's what's important. That's what's right. Make a difference for YOUrself and crush that word to pieces! The journey starts now, it starts with what YOU have to say!

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