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How to keep fit as you age!

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How to Keep fit as you age!

You are only as old or as young as you feel, right? There is so much truth to this saying, especially as we get older!

To keep feeling great as we age, our bodies need to move and keep up with our “aging” minds.

Keeping fit has never played such an important role on our aging bodies as it does today. We can't be couch potatoes as we grow older, or our bodies will just fail us.

We may not be able to run marathons any more, or weight lift even 50 pounds. But there are so many great, fun exercises we can do as we age to keep our minds and bodies fit!

Here are just a few examples that we can do or continue doing as we grow older:

  • Walking of course! There is nothing like the great outdoor air to refresh ourselves. In the bad weather or winter time, you can find an indoor place to walk!

  • Yoga, yoga, yoga! This can be done literally anywhere! Any age, any strength, any place. Just breath and move your body!

  • Simple stretches! Reach for the sky or reach for the ground. Standing or sitting you can still benefit your body by simply doing daily stretches!

  • Swimming or water exercises. In a lake, in a pool, or at your local YMCA – there are always classes to move your body in water. Great for back or joint issues you may have. Water is so gentle and refreshing for your body!

  • For those who are still agile and coordinated – Kayaking is a great way to use those arms and see what nature has to offer us in those great outdoor adventures and views!

  • Bicycling! Either outdoors or on a exercise bike in your home. Either one is great to move your lower body! Grab your bike and practice your balance and coordination.

  • Weights for strength. Even just using 5 lb. weights can keep your arms in shape. Stretching and bending while using them will benefit your whole body. Mix it up a little and stay in shape!

Even though we may not be able to exercise like we used to, doesn't mean that we just give up on it altogether. Find what you are capable of doing. Find what you like to do.

And... Just do it! Your body will thank you for it! After all, you are only as young or as old as your body feels!

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