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It's a New Year, how about a New You?

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It’s a New Year, how about a New You?

Forget about all those new years resolutions! There have been so many in the past few years, its hard to keep track on whether we succeeded in keeping them or not!

Throw away those lists – they are meaningless. Instead focus on yourself, not the fact that it is another new year!

What has worked for you in the past on finding your health happiness? What hasn’t worked in the past?

Those are the lists you should be making and working on! Being realistic about what we can and cannot achieve is the way to start off the new year!

Not reminiscing about the past or thinking of the future, but focusing on the here and now – today, this year!

What can you do differently? What have you not tried? Has it worked for others? Can it work for you? Try taking a different approach this year to meeting your goals! Try to accomplish just one at a time, and for goodness sakes don’t be in such a hurry! It took another entire year to get here, didn’t it?

Success is not going to happen overnight – so don’t even go there again – it is a total waste of your time and energy. Instead focus on what you can do today, this week not a year from now.

Set a goal, make a plan, and put it into action. Nothing will ever get achieved by just sitting around and thinking or reading about it. Do you want to live healthier? Do you want to breathe better? Do you want to be more active? Do you want to be less stressed? Then do something about it this year – no resolutions, just actions if you want to make any progress!

Just Do it! You can do it!

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