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Renewing Your Peace of Mind...

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September 11, 2020

Renewing your Peace of Mind…

Today is a day of reflection on your past, present and your future. Your time to renew your peace of mind is long overdue. What does this day mean to you? What should it mean?

In a world that is so unsettled right now, this day is so important to remember what is important in your life, and what is important in your family’s life.

Reflect on things you did in your life from the past. Do you wish you could change some things? Have you made any changes now in your life? What have you learned?

We all wish we could change things from our past, but the reason why we can’t is pretty obvious – it’s in the past – so let it stay there and move on.

What about your life now in the present; today. Is there anything you wish you could change right now, or do differently? Have you? Why or Why not? What’s holding you back? What has inspired you to make those changes? Are you happy you made them? Do you have a renewed peace of mind for making them now? Are you still debating whether or not you should?

What about your future? What about anyone’s future? It is not guaranteed, so why worry? It’s not here yet, are there things you can do differently to change the future that you want? Will the future you want bring you peace of mind? Why or Why not?

All of these questions will or won’t be difficult to answer if you know what peace of mind you want to achieve in your own life.

Can you achieve peace of mind? Absolutely! Letting unimportant things go in your life is the first step.

Decide what is important, who is important in your life. Hold on or let go – it’s up to you!

Follow through on the decisions you have made today. Don’t keep putting off what you need to do, the changes you need to make, the people you need to see. The questions you need to have answers too.

No more regrets.

Reflect on the past, but don’t let it hold you back.

Reflect on the present, but don’t let it hold you back.

Reflect on your future, but don’t let it hold you back.

The future is yours to make whatever you can make with it. Start today – find your renewed “Peace of Mind” – and hold on tight.

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