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The Cancer Journey...

Blog 213

The Cancer Journey…

Just when you have your health happiness journey all figured out, Stupid cancer pops into it. So, what do you do? You Cry for days, see the specialists, get a grip on yourself, and then you kick up your journey 10 more notches. Your journey just gained 10,000 feet higher and then some.

You are now being guided to a higher level, and it is the scariest level you can imagine on your health happiness journey. Will you reach it? Will you be successful and kick the crap out of it? Damn straight you will! You are not just fighting to maintain your health; you are now fighting to live it!

No backing down that hill you have already reached, because now you are looking up that mountain, so you better get those new hiking boots out and put them on, cause you got a big ass mountain to climb now.

This journey will be the hardest you will ever have to take. But it will also be the best one you will ever survive from!

Your journey this time will be more than just about your body. It will also be about your mind and your soul. You will do things and feel things you never thought you could before. Every part of your body will be involved even more so than your past trips you have taken.

So, hang on tight and face this new health journey with positivity, courage, and hope. You got this! You are gonna be just fine! You have always had the motivation, to become a healthier you. Now your motivation is even stronger, because you are gonna beat this stupid cancer’s Ass! And you are gonna come back down that health happiness mountain even stronger and healthier than you were before!

Never give up! Be Strong! You are a Survivor!

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