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Welcome to A New Day!

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March 26, 2021

Welcome to A New Day!

I never thought I would be so glad to hear these words from my Doctor: “You are not medically defined as “morbidly obese” any longer, you are now diagnosed as just “overweight”.

What a milestone to accomplish! I mean no one wants to hear that they are still overweight, but from a “Health Happiness” point of view – not being morbidly obese any longer is huge for me!

A year later and over 100 lbs. of weight off my body is a great relief! Do I feel healthier? You bet your sweet little Ass I do! Was it hard to lose all that weight? You bet your sweet little Ass it was! But the end game for me is so much clearer now, and so much easier to reach, that all my hard work, and keeping the weight off has paid off big time for me!

Here are 10 really great, super positive changes I’ve noticed (and I know you all have too!) upon losing 100 + lbs., that most people don’t talk about or share!

#1 Being able to wipe your "Bum" without being a contortionist.

#2 Being able to lift your leg upon the other or being able to cross your legs again.

#3 No more in between legs chafing.

#4 Being able to fit on the amusement park ride with your child.

#5 Being able to walk down the end of the driveway to get the mail, and not passing out on the way back.

#6 Not having to hold up your stomach to wash underneath.

#7 Being able to see underneath your stomach again. (Oh hello - y’all women know what I’m talkin about!)

#8 Being able to shave your legs in the shower standing up.

#9 Being able to fit in the regular size Drs. office gowns.

#10 Being able to fit in the booth at any restaurant.

I know y’all feel me! Most important though, is finally finding your “Health Happiness” and living a better life!

Is my journey over? Heck no, it will continue on for the rest of my life! Have I reached my goal weight I set for myself yet? Heck no – but I sure as heck will over this coming year! It is a forever lifestyle change, not a diet. The changes I have made for myself will hold me accountable!

I am on my lifelong journey and finally reaching my health happiness, and I know you will reach yours too!

Keep going, never give up – your health depends on it!

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