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 My Health Happiness Journey 

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Hello! and Welcome to my health happiness journey! Let me introduce myself to you and tell you why I started this  recipe website and Blog!


I was 100+ lbs. overweight. I was unhealthy, had no energy or motivation and I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to reach my "health happiness".

So I decided to get on the right path to reach my goals. I found my inspiration and created this weekly health happiness blog and recipe website . I found this to be one of the best weight-loss tools I have discovered. I intend to utilize it to fulfill my life-long goals of health & fitness. I want to share my journey, tips and recipes with everyone, and hopefully Inspire, motivate and uplift you all to reach your goals the same way that I am achieving mine.

I created this recipe website with great recipes that only show the picture(s) and recipe to print, make, love and share with your family and friends. There is no advertising on my site, there are no long-drawn out stories and no tons of pictures!  Just simple recipes - that's it!

I have two categories of recipes: Family favorite recipes (hand me down recipes from generation to generation) and health happiness recipes - which includes a bunch of  healthy "Smoothie Recipes" - my fave! (for my fellow weight conscious peeps, like me). A little bit of both for everyone to enjoy - whether you have already found your health happiness or still looking. I hope to inspire you with great recipes and motivate you to find your own health happiness with my weekly health happiness blog to keep you on track when you just don't feel like taking the trip anymore.







I want to live the rest of my life the way that I want to, not by the way that I need to because of my weight restrictions. I want to eat to live, not live to eat! I want to discover what the future holds for me as a healthier, happier person! 
I want to be able to do everything, and hope you will aspire to do the same! Be the change you want to be!

It all starts with you - it was always you, you just have to find yourself again.

Join me on my journey and follow these simple rules:

  • Listen to advice and act on it!

  • Start cooking some "kick-ass" healthy recipes!

  • Take one day at a time.

  • Reflect on your goals on a daily basis.

  • Log-In Every Day, No Exceptions!

  • Exercise 10 minutes a day

  • Change your Eating habits

  • Plan your meals

  • Practice Mindfulness

  • Talk to your enablers

  • Put yourself first!

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LAF writer Logo 2020.png

My Short Stories

When I am not writing my weekly Blog - I like to write short stories to keep my mind busy and focused on my health happiness journey. I am inspired and motivated at the end of every year to add a new story! Here are just a few I felt worthy of sharing with you all! I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoyed writing them!



The Unity

The Unity...

July 22, 2023


There’s was a love story that could not be duplicated. Best of friends, soul mates and lovers all wrapped up into one beautiful package.

Their life was at the fullest it had ever been.

unity picture.webp


Annie's Story

Annie’s Story…

October, 2021


And just like that, it came to an end.

The dream was over. Annie woke up. Mom? Is that you? Oh my God! Nurse, Doctor, She is awake!


20 Years earlier…



The Christmas Wish

The Christmas Wish...

Christmas, 2021

“Be Careful what you wish for, it may just come true”, were the last words he had said to her as he left. She had no idea when she would see him again.


A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story...

December 25, 2020


As the pastor was reading scripture from the bible to his congregation that Christmas morning, a little girl all dressed up in a pretty little white dress with lots of ribbons, that her grandma had made for her, left her mother’s side where she was sitting and went up to where he was preaching and sat down at his feet.

She looked up at him and asked him “are you “GOD”?”


A Thanksgiving Story

The Winter Storm

A Thanksgiving Story…

November, 2020


She woke up in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving Eve, remembering that she had forgot to stuff the turkey. She was forgetting a lot of things lately, not so much important stuff, but little stuff here and there. Not stuffing the turkey however, she considered a big thing.

The Winter Storm…

December, 2022


The winter storm came in like a wrecking ball! Huge flakes of snow were descending to the ground in inches in a matter of minutes. The wind was blowing so hard, you could barely see your feet in front of you. But LeAnn trudged forward with all her might.



The Lost Christmas Gift

The Lost Christmas Gift...

December, 2023


It was the beginning of December, a severe snowstorm was predicted for the end of the week, and she sat there at her makeshift desk contemplating what to plan for the holidays this year.

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