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          Growing up in a family of eight, I learned a lot from the best - My Mom! Using skills that my Mom taught me and self-teaching along the way, I am sharing some of my original Mom and Grand-Mom's recipes along with my own! I am in no way a professional cook or baker therefore there are no ads, no videos, no long-drawn out recipe pages, and no10 million pics of the same recipe. Just simple family-favorite and health happiness (because your health is so important!) recipes to print, make, love, and share! Check out my dog treat recipes! (I make for mine all the time - she loves them so much!) And my favorite "Smoothie" recipes. (under the health happiness recipes tab) And don't forget to check out my "Pips Blog" page where I share with you my journey, motivation, inspiration and tips to keep you on track with your own Health Happiness journey when you just don't feel like making the trip anymore.

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Cherry Pie Bars

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