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Time to Change your old habits!

Blog #253

Time to Change your old habits!

Like the change of seasons, change is inevitable if you want to make any progress and change your own well-being!

Take a chance and make a change!

Timing is everything! One season at a time, one change at a time is all you need to make progress!

Old habits can be hard to give up, but in order to reach your health happiness it is necessary! We can’t keep going down the same road, with the same ideas and expect different results. It simply does not work that way. We have to break some rules, in order to make new ones that we can actually follow and live by.

Here are some great ideas to start you on your way from getting rid of your old habits:

1. Avoid tempting situations.

2. Replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones.

3. Prepare mentally.

4. Enlist support.

5. Reward yourself for small steps.

6. Be Honest with Yourself.

7. Figure Out the “Why.”

8. Set Goals and Create a Plan.

9. Write Those Goals Down.

10. Tell a Friend About Your Goals.

11. Give Yourself Some Time.

12.Don't Give Up on Yourself.

How long does it take to break an old habit?

To break a habit, research suggests it may take anywhere from 18 to 254 days. The best ways to break a habit are by identifying your triggers, altering your environment, finding an accountability partner, or using a reward system!

Start your Change today! Make new, healthy habits with which you can actually live! It all starts with you – it was always you!


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