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Hitting the RESET button...

Updated: Jan 12


Reality is hitting hard! Going on full steam during the end stretch of the health happiness road has been a real struggle at times. Time to hit that reset button! Losing the first 50 pounds of fat was fairly easy, trying to get the next 50 pounds of fat off, not so much.

But no path to recovery has ever been easy. If it was, we'd all be freakin miracle workers! Trying to stay focused and in tune to reach my weight loss goals this last month has been a lot of mental and physical work. Falling back into old habits and old patterns can be a real downer and can make you feel like giving up. Coming so far, you kinda get relaxed a little bit and ease off of your plan, because you think hey, I've lost a lot of weight, maybe I don't need to work so hard after all, right? WRONG!

Having even that one little sugary snack in the evening threw off my whole end game! Having been de-toxed from sugar and carbs a few months ago, even just that one sugary snack has set me on a downward spiral out of control kinda pattern. Trying not to let that one slip up ruin your whole attitude on why you are on your own health happiness journey to begin with can be troubling. But truth be told, it's not just one slip up, it's a few slip ups. Who am I trying to kid? I am only accountable to myself. I was getting too comfortable with the weight that I lost and how my body was changing, that I forgot that I still have a long way to go yet. It's not time to get comfortable just yet! Time to make that U-turn and start over again!

I don't want to gain back the progress I have made so far. So, getting too comfortable in this still over-weight body is a definite No-NO! How do I fix my mentality? By watching a lot of inspiring weight loss shows, amping up my physical work-outs, and getting my game back on! I have to rely on myself to get back on the program, de-tox myself again, and not enable myself to fall back into old eating habits.

OK Yeah, I messed up a little bit, but I am not gonna let it stop me from my end goal. It's a new day, it's a new dawn, it's a new beginning again. Logging in my food and exercise each day can sometimes be a bit daunting, but I have found it is a life-line tool to stay on track, and the only right way to stay under my daily caloric and nutrients intake to get the pounds off. Otherwise I can only guesstimate what I am consuming each day. The scale doesn't lie, only I do, and right now I feel like it is not my best friend anymore!

Narrowing down why we overeat or go off the program of life changing habits, can be real eye-openers. Depression, boredom, stress, celebratory happiness, and life changes can be just a handful of reasons why. But boy are they good reasons! And all of them, and more, are my reasons.

Recognizing why we overeat and don't exercise is the first step towards recovery and reaching our health happiness goals. Sometimes when you are on your journey and you come to a roadblock, kinda like writer's block, you have to re-evaluate your situation, think about why you are here at this point, and figure out what you can do differently this time around to recover and give yourself a good swift kick in the old arse, to keep trudging forward. Find something new and exciting to hold on to. Set different goals for yourself. Make tomorrow the first day of your journey again! Don't forget the road you just came from but learn from it and find new directions this time.

Before you know it, before "I" know it, you will (I will) be on the right path again, and a year from now you will (I will) being saying, jeeesh that wasn't so bad after all, look at you (ME) now! :)

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