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... Choose Your Hard ...

Choosing your “HARD” …

Is there a simple and easy way to start making that critical self-change you’ve been putting off? Life is hard, losing weight and finding your own health happiness is hard, being overweight is hard, not feeling well enough every day to complete simple tasks is hard. Time to choose your “HARD” and overcome it!

Make your declaration for change today. Develop your acceptance I can do it attitude. Recognize that YES you can do it and avoid those barriers blocking your path. Take easy steps towards a positive change!

Will it be hard? Haven’t you had enough of hard in your life? Choose the hard that for once will be your easy!

To get to the top of your successful climb, start with the first step. Take these steps with easy strides. This way can be a more effective way than doing the hardest thing first. However, even hard steps have easy parts. The important thing is to just start.

Learning that the daily struggle to lose weight and become fit often leads to a deepened understanding of life’s challenges and greater appreciation for the small good things that often accompany it. We all need encouragement and empowerment to make climbing these steps of change successful! Sharing your struggles with others helps you to not feel so alone. When you gain a step up in the right direction, the celebration and accomplishment is two-fold when sharing!

Here are Eight Steps to achieving and living your best life:

  1. Knowing Myself. Discover a few facts about yourself, you never paid much attention to before. How does your body react to what you put into it? How does your body and mind react to stress? To happy situations? To sad situations? Do you use food as a comfort reaction to help you cope?

  2. Seize the opportunity to be the best I can be. We all want to naturally excel. Getting the framework and knowledge to know how we’re doing will make our frustrations less and less over time. Finding gratitude can give us our cue to getting and staying back on track, to finding our best selves.

  3. Having a Reason to Exercise and keep exercising. We all know the benefits of exercise. We all know it’s good for us. Finding your reason to keep on doing it with every step you take will empower you to keep going.

4. Learn about good food and making healthy choices. Think of food consumption as “Science”. We know that good, wholesome food in its natural state brings health to everyone. We can become better at making proper food choices, if we understand more about what we are putting into our bodies!

5. Find your community. Find a support group if needed. Being surrounded by people who understand what you are going through every day is a real sense of camaraderie and support. Or make your own with a group of friends, or family members. Set up weekly or monthly meetings and find your support. Remember strength comes in numbers – know what yours is!

6. Be Creative! Being creative is fun, makes you happy and keeps you sane and not bored! Coming up with solutions to difficult problems takes volumes of creativity. Bored with your exercise routine? Change it up! Do something different. Tired with the meals you are eating? Find new healthy recipes to try. Sit down with your family and create some family-friendly healthy meal ideas!

7. Learn to Give yourself a break. Love yourself! Even when you are irritable or in a bad mood. Your moods can be a direct link to what you are putting into your body, or from sitting still too long. Once you change your eating and exercising habits, you will be amazed at how much happier you feel. Those around you will feel it too!

Eating Better, Moving better = FEELING BETTER!

8. Be in control of your own destiny. Yes! You can be in control by researching, reading and being fully engaged in your own health quests. Having that control in your own hands is rewarding and empowering!

A famous quote: “He who gains victory over others is strong, but he who gains victory over himself is all powerful.”

Be Your Own Victory and climb up to that Finish Line! You know you want to, you know you need to!

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