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To Exercise or not to Exercise?!

To exercise or not to exercise? That is the question of the day!

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate. Exercise to have fun and be healthy, not just to lose weight!

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner at exercising! Any form of movement from one minute to 30 minutes is progress and a small step in the right direction of becoming a healthier, happier you!

You can start yourself out on a “healthier eating” journey, but when you add any type of exercise to that journey you will succeed both mentally and physically a lot faster!

Some of the top excuses NOT to workout are as follows:

  • I’m too busy

  • I’m too old

  • I hate going it alone

  • It’s so boring

  • My kids get in the way

  • I don’t have the money

  • Exercise makes me eat more

  • I may injure myself

  • I’m too fat

  • I’m thin already

  • I have arthritis

  • I don’t like the gym

  • I’m afraid people are watching and judging me

  • I don’t want to redo my hair and makeup

Do you admit to any of these excuses listed above? If so, these excuses do not fly and are not valid!

Keep yourself motivated!

  • Take it one day at a time

  • Surround yourself with positivity

  • Create a dream board

  • Ask yourself what you want, and make realistic goals accordingly

  • Reward yourself (but not with food!)

  • Believe in yourself – you can do this!

  • Acknowledge your attributes

  • Recognize your progress

  • Visualize accomplishing your goals

  • Celebrate every pound lost

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Focus on how you feel, not the scale and most importantly – don’t compare yourself to others!

Find exercise that you like to do! Start out slow and gradually increase your time and activities! Any type of movement to your body is better than NO movement at all!

Start today! Why wait another day? Get your body moving and start your health happiness journey today! Because you need too, because you want too!

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