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Self Acceptance

Self-Acceptance – what does this mean to you?

Accepting myself for the way I am now? Or … Accepting myself for the way I want to be tomorrow?

It is so important to realize who we are and who we want to be; but accepting ourselves for who we are right now, without any change will guide us to a better place of who and where we want to be in our future.

We must accept our little quirks and faults that make us who we are. We are all human. We all have things we would love to change about ourselves and our lives.

Can we make these changes? YES, WE CAN! But we need to love ourselves the way we are and the way we look first, before we can accept what will be the changes to make us healthier.

We are not changing who we are, but who we want to become. Once we accept that about ourselves, we can accept the changes we want to make in a whole new light.

If we keep running around in the same circles, we will never stop and become whole.

We can accept that we need to make healthier choices on our health happiness journeys. We can accept that it won’t be easy sometimes. We can accept that it may take a long time. We can accept that we may need help to make the right choices for ourselves. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. They may be on a whole different journey than you!

When we're self-accepting, we're able to embrace all facets of ourselves--not just the positive parts. We can recognize our weaknesses and limitations, but this awareness in no way interferes with our ability to fully accept ourselves and accept the changes we need to make to improve our health and well-being.

If you genuinely want to improve your self-esteem, you need to explore what parts of yourself, you are not yet able to accept. And it's only when we stop judging ourselves that we can secure a more positive sense of who we are. Your self-esteem will rise naturally as soon as you cease being so hard on yourself.

Accept who you are, and then accept that you can be anything you want to be! Figure out what your personal goals are, accept that you can reach them and accept that you will achieve them!

You Did It!

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