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STOP! Letting the toxicity into your life!

Life is all about choices. You have the choice every day to stop putting toxic stuff into your bodies and into your life. Stop making the wrong choices and put an end to all that toxic garbage you keep surrounding yourself around with Every. Single. Day.

This stuff is killing you literally! Maybe not today, or next month, or next year even, but if you don’t stop taking it all in, sooner or later it will Stop you from living your best life ever.

Stop the onset and continuation of Diabetes. This is the number one toxicity in yourself that you can avoid just by eating better and staying active.

Stop taking drugs! You think they are really helping you to live longer by blocking out the realities of your life? You think they are going to help you live a happier life, a longer life? Wrong! STOP putting these toxicities into your life.

Stop smoking those cigarettes! The number one cause of cancer is going to take you down too! Stop putting these toxicities into your life.

Think those three toxicities are the worst of it? We are just getting started. There are so many toxic sources that we all let into our life, that we don’t even realize that they are taking us all over to live shorter, unhappy, uneventful lives. We are missing out on all that life has to offer us. We are wasting away our bodies, and it is all because of the choices that we are allowing to happen to us.

We need to stop lying to ourselves about what we think is good for our bodies and our lives and face the facts that they really are not. Letting these toxicities into our lives will not allow us to live the lives we were put on this earth to live.

Time is what we all have to fix the mistakes of our past, and to stop before more mistakes hit our futures. Get rid of the toxic people you allowed into your life, who prevent you from moving forward. We are all a work in progress, and we will all progress if we stop putting the toxicities of life into our own.

We can all become renewed and whole again, if we just say STOP! NO MORE!

I am taking back my life for good!

I can see clearly now! Toxicities be gone for good!

I’m living my life for me now! You’d better watch out because I am coming back to life!

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