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Try And Stop Me!

Try and Stop Me!

Is your life moving by you way too fast? Are you unsure of the decisions you have made this year on your health happiness journey? Have you been struggling with your weight loss, or illness, or work and home life? Are you finding it hard to be grateful for this year?

Then, maybe, just maybe you need to slow down a bit! Slow down and think about all your accomplishments you have made this year! Be grateful for the little things you have made possible this past year. We are in the Holiday Season; the end of this year is fast approaching.

Time to slow down, and think about your past journey, and where you want the next year to lead you.

Take the path less traveled and renew your sense of hope this holiday season! Start thinking about a new journey and let your past mistakes not be your failures, but your “learned experiences”.

Instead of making a holiday shopping list this season, make a “I’m gonna try to do this list” this year. Fill it with all the things you want to accomplish with your life, not just for now or next year but for all your future years.

What motivates you to move forward? Find your inspiration in every day little accomplishments. Take one day at a time towards meeting the goals you have set for yourself this past year and move forward checking off your list day by day.

Don’t look backwards, but look forward to the coming year, be content with the way you have traveled along your journey. Don’t rush the end results, take it slow and you will achieve everything you have placed on your shopping list of progress.

It’s time to think of this Holiday Season with a renewed sense of well-being for yourself and those around you! Take time out for you and make this Christmas a very Merry Christmas!

Just Try And Stop Me! Slow down, have that cup of hot cocoa and make that list work! You know you can do it, you always could!

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