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Are you in a Rut?

February 19, 2021

Blog 195

Are you in a Rut? Stuck in a hole you just can’t seem to get out of?

Is time moving by way too fast for you already?

Do you need a little push?

It’s only February folks! We’ve got the

whole year to figure things out! Do not be in such a hurry to get through those new years’ resolutions or checking off your bucket lists!

All great things come to those who can wait for them. Sound like an old cliché? You bet, but it is so true. Always being in such a hurry to complete stuff, only slows you down even more! You make mistakes, you forget to do things, you forget to say please and thank you, and you forget where you are going. So many mishaps can happen when you just move too fast through your life! You need to take a deep breath and just slow down!

Pace yourself, relax, take a break for once. When the timing is right, and when you are truly ready – your resolutions will happen for you. You will conquer that bucket list with a vengeance. But only if you slow down just a bit to smell the roses and appreciate everything that life has to offer you!

If we keep going so fast through our lives, we will never be able to slow down just enough to appreciate all the good stuff it has given us already and will still offer to us this year!

You will be able to step aside of that rut and look up out of that hole you dug yourself into, if you just take a moment or two or even three to take a deep breath, focus and move on.

Be like a snail and move slowly, you will get to where you want or need to be in time.

After all, time is all we have isn’t it?

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