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Bacon & Bean Weenies (Crock Pot)

Updated: Dec 9, 2022


· 4 packages (12 oz.) Beef Cocktail franks

· 1 Jar (16 oz.) Pineapple Salsa

· 1 Bottle (18 oz.) Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce

· 1 Bottle (18 oz.) Regular Flavor BBQ Sauce (your fave)

· 1 Can (28 oz.) Baked Beans (your fave)

· 1 package Hickory smoked Bacon (your fave), cooked and crumbled.

· Hot Dog Rolls (cut in half), optional


1. Mix the Salsa and BBQ sauces together and set aside.

2. To the crockpot add the cocktail franks, baked beans and cooked, crumbled bacon and mix together.

3. Add the sauces and stir mixing all together.

4. Set on low for 4 hours.

5. Serve Plain or on the halved hot dog rolls, if desired.

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