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Choosing your "Why" to find your "Way"...


You lose your way when you lose your why. No words could be any truer than this statement.

Why you ask? Because if you don’t know why you want to reach your health happiness, then you won’t have a way to find it. Make Sense? You need to have a good reason for wanting the “Why” answered.

Everyone may have a different Why, and that’s o.k. We are all different. None of us are cut from the same mold.

My why may be different from yours, and yours may be different from your family or friends.

But we all have the same goal in mind. To find our way to reach our goals because of our “Why”.

My Why is because I want to live the rest of my life happy, healthy and fit. I want to be able to enjoy the outdoors more. I want to be able to live a long life to enjoy my future grandchildren. I want to be able to take long walks and not get tired or out of breath. I want to be able to go to the beach and go swimming and have the strength to battle the waves. I want the overwhelming fear of judgement against my body to be erased for good!

Shine your own light, follow your own path.

Happy and free to be me! Your health happiness goals can be anything!

One simple change is all you need. If you want to lose weight, if you want to be fit, or even if you want to overcome depression and anxiety. Achieving any one of these health happiness goals can be achieved with the right mindset and change!

There are Five Phase Changes you need to recognize to start the process of finding the Way to your Why(s).

They are:

Phase One – Awareness: Having a sense of what is going on within and around you.

You need to be aware of what is holding you back, and what changes you think you need to make. You might feel like you are not up to these changes right now, so you should re-focus on what you want to accomplish, rather than on what you want to avoid. You need to change your thinking and behavior, not your nature.

Phase Two – Take Action: Taking the right steps to make changes.

Be aware of your procrastination thinking! Instead of conning yourself into thinking tomorrow is a better time to begin, question the credibility of this line of thought. Your emotions are telling you to take action whether you feel like it or not. Once you stop procrastinating and put forth your true emotions, then you can act on changing your old habits. Once you start your action plan, (write it all down) you will find it will become easier to continue.

Phase Three – Accommodation: This is where you pull things together for yourself and adjust to the positive new changes you are making. Don’t hold yourself emotionally resilient against making the changes. Practice being assertive and expressing yourself. Adjust your self- image to accommodate your changes.

Phase Four – Acceptance: This is the relaxing phase! No more self-blaming and self-downing. In this acceptance mind set you acknowledge a reality without being a “Debbie-downer” to yourself. You are free to find the new love of your life – YOU! Accepting that you are aware of what you need to change, accepting that you need to take action and accommodating yourself to make those changes. You have accepted your own action plan and have accepted you can be who you want to be!

Phase Five – Self-Actualization: Stretch your knowledge and skills to self-improve. Plan, organize and implement your action plan to achieve your goals. Practice this self-awareness/regulation effort and you can be in control of where you want to put yourself and control the events around you!

These five phases are a process, by recognizing and moving forward with each phase, you are likely to go faster in achieving your self-changing goals and finding your own health happiness!

I have totally figured out “My Why” and found “My Way” .… Have you found yours yet?

Finding your “WAY” just got a whole lot easier!

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