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Does the weather effect your mood with food?

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Does the weather effect your mood with food?

My son asked me this the other day! It most certainly can! Just like having a difficult day, or being frustrated, or even celebrating can affect your mood with food , the weather can as well!

Like the four seasons of change, depending on the season, you can feel the change in peoples’ moods!

Sunny day? May bring you into a good mood, and you will make healthy food choices. Simply because it is a bright, beautiful day, you can be outside enjoying the weather and eating healthy. So, like the sunny day, your mood chooses your food!

Rainy day? May bring you the rainy-day blues! You are stuck inside, maybe feeling depressed and you will make unhealthy food choices. Simply because it is a rainy gloomy day, and you aren’t outside enjoying the weather your mood chooses your food!

Wintery day? Winter brings cold weather to your door. Either you love it, or you hate it. These feelings can determine your food choices as well. Cold, isolated, snuggled up with a blanket by a fire – can make you choose comfort foods over healthier foods. Thus, the mood chooses your food. Loving the cold and being outside, skiing, throwing snowballs and making snow angels – this can lighten up your mood, thus the mood chooses your food for healthier options.

Stormy day? Had a vacation planned, a road trip perhaps? This weather can definitely choose your mood to choose your food. Feeling like your trip is ruined due to the weather can force you to make unhealthy food choices to make your mood feel better. Unwanted unhealthy snacking can result in a long, boring, stormy road trip. Thus, the weather choosing your mood with unhealthy food!

Whatever the weather or the season, the point is the weather is not going to be perfect every single day of your life. How you choose to spend your day is all in how you choose to make it, regardless of the weather patterns.

We can choose to make each day count with a purpose and make great food choices, or we can literally let the weather make the food choices for us!

Like the change of the seasons and the change of the weather, it gives us a reason to take pause and take stock of our lives and make much needed changes to our health happiness paths.

We can choose to not let the weather choose our mood and choose our food. Or we can let the food we choose spoil our mood. Like the seasons, everything comes and goes – nothing is permanent, and the next season, the next day will come.

Don’t let the weather spoil your mood or choose your food!

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