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Find Your Own Health Happiness!

Blog 231

April 1, 2022

Find your own Health Happiness!

Be the change you want to be. It all starts from within you! Finding your health happiness starts with day one. Make your “day one” today! Finding my own health happiness has been a long journey down a beaten path. But once I found the right path to choose, the mountain I thought I needed to climb up, just ended up being a tiny hill.

The journey I took along the way was more important than getting to the top as quickly as I could. Finding out what lifestyle changes I needed to make to get started seemed impossible at first. It all started in my head! I had to focus on changing the relationship I had with food. I had to focus on the non-existent relationship I had with exercise. I had to focus on changing my diet and my routines. No more quick fix diets! Been there, done that. Did they work? No.

But what did work at the very beginning of my journey was re-thinking and educating myself on everything I had learned in the past to lose weight. I realized everything I had tried and failed at was the wrong way to become healthy again for long-term weight loss.

I am inspiring to motivate other friends to do the same. To finally find their own health happiness and to stay on top of that mountain!

My story started over five years ago with Blog #1. Five years later, 100 pounds lighter, 230 more blogs written about my journey, my tips, inspiration, and motivation and here I am. I still have more pounds to lose and never find again. It is a journey for a lifetime of healthy living. It is a lifestyle change to stay on forever. No looking back. You can’t change the past. You only have the future to look forward to as a lighter, healthier version of the person you have always wanted to become.

Never give up! Once you get there, you will never want to climb back down again!

You are the motivation! It was always you. You just had to find yourself again!

Your story is just beginning!

Live, laugh, love and the pursuit of health happiness.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Your Health depends on it!

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