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Losing Weight is not for Fools!

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April 2, 2021

Losing Weight is definitely not for Fools! Truth be told it is for anyone who wants to be in a healthier body. 😊

Feel better on the inside, look better on the outside is my motto! Especially when you show off your smile of success on your weight loss journey!

Getting the extra weight off is only half the battle though! Keeping it off and keeping what you have learned along the way is what really matters!

Changing your lifestyle to accommodate the new healthier you is what you need to change for the rest of your life! It is not just a moment in time, or a “quick-fix diet” that will keep you successful. It is learning to eat healthier, to do more exercise, and to keep your head in the game on your journey.

Your success depends on what you do to prepare yourself ahead of time for your road trip of health happiness. You need to have all your tools lined up and in place first, so you can utilize each one. You will need to use them all to have a successful, lifetime weight loss and to be able to keep those unwanted pounds off forever.

Your first step is to make sure you are in the right “mind-set” to start out with. Being positive and having the right attitude at the starting line will make you more successful to cross that finish line and not look back!

Step two is filling yourself with all kinds of knowledge on what kinds of foods to eat. Not sure where to start? Neither was I! So, I did all the research, talked with a nutritionist, and threw away everything that was bad for me. I then planned my menu for the week and did my grocery list with way more healthier options!

Step three was finding exercise that I really enjoyed doing. Starting off slowly and building up my stamina, I was able to exercise consistently for at least three days a week. I started out walking, then biking both outside and on a stationary bike, and my energy and weight loss took off like a rocket ship!

Adding swimming into the mix in the summer months was really enjoyable for me.

Since I am not an avid exerciser and do not like going to gyms or fast paced exercising, I found what worked for me. Before I knew it, I didn’t even think of it as exercise anymore, and I craved the walks more and more each week!

Drinking more water (I prefer my own home-made lemon water), adding fruits and lots of vegetables to my diet gave me the energy and stamina to add different elements to my exercise routines. I added little five-pound weights to help my arms. Trying new exercises and adding little things to break up my routines especially during the winter months (and during the pandemic) when we were all stuck in-side was a game-changer for me!

Losing weight is just the first step in your own health happiness picture!

If you start that journey today with all three steps in mind, failure will absolutely not be an option!

So, there you have it! Losing weight is not for fools! It’s for anyone who wants a healthier body for a healthier lifestyle for a healthier you!

Start today! You know you can, you know you want too! Start with Step one!

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