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So, What's Stopping You?


So, What's Stopping you?

Haven't decided to take your health happiness journey yet? What's stopping you?

What have you got to lose, except weight? And what have you got to gain, except better health?

It sounds like a “No-Brainer” right? So what stops us from wanting to do and try new things to make us feel better? Failure. Plain and Simple.

I mean we all want to feel better of course. But taking that first step on our journey can be overwhelming. Where do we start? What plan do we go on? How much exercise do we have to do? Do we even have to exercise? What do we eat? How many calories should we be counting to lose weight?

So many questions we need answers too. No wonder why we just settle ourselves into the overweight, unhealthy bodies we live in. It's just too much we say.

But is living a long, healthy life too much to ask? Is avoiding sicknesses too much to ask?

Is being able to walk without losing our breath too much to ask? Is playing with our children and not getting worn out too much to ask?

We always make excuses for starting anything new or uncomfortable. I used to feel this way and indeed put off starting any healthy plan. I have done so many diets. Started exercising so many countless times. But, did I stay on those diets or continue exercising? Heck, No. I gave up on them all. Why? Because there is no such thing as diets. The exercise I was doing was not enjoyable or suited for me.

I do not like exercising at the gym, weights are just not my cup of tea. Aerobics – heck no! Zumba? Umm no, not for me either. So why did I keep forcing myself to do exercises I just did not like? Because I wanted to lose weight, and I thought doing what everyone else was doing would work the same for me.

Boy, was I wrong! I needed to find ways of moving my body that I liked and worked for me, and only me!

I was constantly looking for a way out. Constantly looking for those excuses to just not do anything.

Until – I found what actually worked for me! Walking and Swimming is by far “my” favorite kind of exercise. It works for me, I stick with it, and it is a lifetime goal I can actually stick with. Why? Because I enjoy it and it works for me.

You need to find what exercise you like to do. You need to find what exercise you can live with for the rest of your life.

You need to set goals for yourself that you can actually achieve, and actually want to achieve.

Stop dreaming and making wishes that you want, and start actually fulfilling them!

Set small goals for yourself. Weight loss is not just about finding the right food plan, because there is no right food plan. You need to balance your eating by eating healthy foods.

Eat Lots of vegetables. Eat the right amount of good protein every day. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Eat lower carbs and stay away from sugar.

Eat healthy fats. Watch your portion sizes. Eat when you are hungry.

Find healthier ways to ease your stress and boredom besides always going to food.

Take care of your mental health, it all starts with a good mind set!

Do that exercise that you like at least three to four times a week. Or at least a ½ hour a day! Make it a habit and you will soon not even think about whether or not you want to move your body, but you will actually want too, and it will become automatic!

Your new life awaits you – so, what's stopping you?

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