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The truth about Sugar!

Blog #293

It's time to tell

The truth about… SUGAR.

According to US Department of Agriculture average American eats about 150-170 pounds of sugar every year.

Amazing, right? I mean Wow!

Imagine 30-34 five pound bags lined up on the counter… That’s how much sugar everyone eats on average.

See, food manufacturers add sugar to 74% of packaged foods you buy in supermarkets (according to University of Science, California).


From your soft drinks and tomato sauce, to your kids’ cereal.

Check the labels. Sugar is the #1 ingredient in frosted flakes.

Okay, so why is this a problem you ask?


Which leads to diabetes and heart disease.

See, obesity is 7 TIMES MORE LETHAL than smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.

While we’re not rooting for smoking, if you look around, you may see very old people smoking.

But what you’ll probably NOT see is very old people who are really obese - because they simply don’t make it to the finish line.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, and diabetes is the 7th.

Today more than 100 million adult Americans are obese with diabetes or pre-diabetes – that’s 1 in 3!

Crazy, right?

Look, we get brainwashed to eat this crap because food marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry…

And it pays to add sugar to just about any food.


Because sugar makes you CRAVE MORE FOOD.

So you buy more, and food manufacturers reap bigger profits.

That’s the ONLY reason.

Read your labels, stop the addiction today! Save your health!

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