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What are your weight loss Incentives?

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What are your Weight Loss Incentives?

Here are my top ten incentives I have mastered after losing over 100 pounds.

#1 Being able to wipe your "Bum" without being a contortionist. #2 Being able to lift your leg upon the other, or being able to cross your legs again. #3 No more in between legs chafing. #4 Being able to fit on the amusement park ride with your child. #5 Being able to walk down the end of the driveway to get the mail, and not passing out on the way back. #6 Not having to hold up your stomach to wash underneath. #7 Being able to wear a regular seatbelt on the airplane and not need an extender. #8 Being able to shave your legs in the shower standing up. #9 Being able to fit in the regular size Drs. office gowns. #10 Being able to fit in the booth at any restaurant.

What are some of yours? Believing that you can achieve some or all of your incentives is possible! With every 10 pounds you can lose a size! Make a list and paste it where you can see it every day.

For each incentive you reach, check it off your list! You could even achieve more than one at a time with each new weight loss goal!

Once you achieve all your incentives with your awesome weight loss, make new ones to keep the weight off!

Find your motivation and your inspiration from the incentives you have already found and achieved. You are on your way! Don’t ever give up. The most important journey you will ever take in your life is your health happiness journey!

Keep going! It is a lifetime commitment, and you can commit!

Keep that motivation going! You got this!

Make your list here:






……… and so on and so on and so on ……….

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