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Pretty as a Picture?

Updated: Jan 4


How many times have you been told, you are pretty as a picture, too bad your body didn't match it? Or, you have such a pretty face, once you lose your weight your body will match your face? Or, Wow, you carry your weight very well? How about my all-time favorite, you are so tall, I never would have suspected you weighed that much!

If you said yes to one or all, join the group! Our society has put overweight people in such a stereo-typical group, that they see our bodies as who they think we are. Eating ice cream and cookies and cakes seem to have gotten us into these overweight bodies. This is what people think, right? Oh look, she is so pretty, but she is so overweight, what a shame! Do they really think we are wasting our lives, because we are in bigger bodies?

Being overweight is a stigma that is so hard to overcome in today's world! Even if you are on the path to losing weight, everyone has an opinion on how you should be losing it. Do this diet or do that diet. I have tried and seen so many different diet plans, that my head is swimming!

Have you tried so many different plans through the years, hoping to find the right one for you? How many plans have you tried, and simply stuck to? How many lasted a week, a month, a day?

Did you know that "DIET" stands for: "Disaster In Eating Tryouts"! Not really, but that is MY definition! If I can't stress enough that Diets don't work, then let me say it again, "DIETS DO NOT WORK".

Lifestyle changes is what works, and will last a life-time. If you want to reach those goals you set for yourself, then don't listen to what society is telling you about their diet plans. The real experts know what to do - they are YOU and ME! Leave the stigma attachments in the toilet every morning when you take a dump, because that is where they belong!

Don't let the naysayers, and name callers get you down. You are always beautiful on the inside and outside. You just have to believe that and be positive on your journey to health happiness. Not beauty happiness, not model happiness, not pretty as a picture happiness, but your own "Health Happiness".

Find a goal weight that fits your own reality, not what everyone else thinks your weight should be. You will be able to maintain that weight when it is your own reality. Get yourself to a healthy weight that fits your body, mind and soul. Do it for yourself, not anyone else.

Remember that pretty as a picture is you, it's your life, it's your journey, it's your body!

Be proud of yourself, and say I think I can, I think I can, I "KNOW" I can!

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