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Fifty and Fabulous!

Fifty and Fabulous! Woohoo you are 50!

O.K. just because you turned a ½ century year old, doesn’t mean you have to feel like it inside and out! You are only as old as you feel the experts say! And ya know what? They are absolutely right!

Turning 50 is a milestone, but so was turning 16 and 18 and 21 and 30 and 40! Yes, our bodies and minds have aged, but our spirit and health doesn’t have to also, right? RIGHT! Mind over matter, mind over body, mind over health and mind over happiness all coincide with our birthdays every year that passes by us.

Are we gonna live the rest of our ½ century life happy and healthy and live like we are age-less? Or - are we going to be like an aging potato that doesn’t move from the couch because we ache too much?

Come on people – age is not a factor when it comes to living our best life! Be active, motivate yourself and others, eat healthy. If you are healthy on the “inside” it will show on the “outside”. Being 50 is just a number on the age scale.

We have so much more to do with our lives, that living is just beginning again for us! We don’t have to slow down any more than we did turning 40. Age is not a restriction – it is an opportunity! We have achieved great wisdom and knowledge at this time in our lives. We can share what we have learned with others about our health happiness journeys, and what our journeys will still become.

Growing old doesn’t have to be hard, if we don’t let it! Our bodies are extraordinary creations that were built to withstand an awful lot of stuff! Both mentally and physically. Trust me – mine has been through a heck of a lot of mental and physical stuff – I could write a blog about my challenges every week! Oh wait! I do!

If turning 50 is new to you – don’t worry about the past 49 years. You still have lots of time to do what you want to do. Set out your goals and dreams and set out to accomplish them!

Taking a health happiness journey is one of my goals. Day by day, I strive to reach a new goal set for myself. I do not want age restrictions set on my mind or body – because I still have a lot of stuff I want to do!

If you are entering this age milestone, congratulations! Don’t look back at the last 50 years but look forward to the next 50! Do what you set your mind to do. Don’t wait, don’t put off another minute doing what you love, finding your spirit, living your dreams, being happy and content and staying on your path to health happiness!

We are all here with you. No more regrets, no more pain. No more procrastinating what you can start today. Bottle up those good feelings and store them all for a rainy day, when you just need a pick-me-up to keep going. Life is all in what you make of it, just because we are hitting the “fifties” generation, doesn’t mean we have an excuse to give up on our long-awaited journeys!

Our journeys are just getting started! Have you started yours yet?

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