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Why? How? and When?

…Why? How? And When?...

A mother and daughter’s journey to health happiness – Part II

It is still clicking for my daughter and me. Our path together towards our own health happiness may have taken a stall every now and then, but the end results for a life-time of healthier living is still our primary goal!

Why? We decided to take this path for our own health reasons, and wanted to share our successes, down-falls, stalls and leaps with each other. Having a health happiness buddy is the greatest feeling! Having each other in our journeys is a life-saver – literally! We all need someone in our corner, cheering us on – no matter what path we are on in our lives.

For us, that path continues to be our own health happiness. Happiness to lose weight, happiness to be fit, happiness to be strong both physically and mentally, and happiness to just be happy with the way we look and feel.

How? You ask? There is no magic answer to that question. There is no magic pill we are taking, there is no magic “diet” we are on, there is no magic food or formula we are taking. It is just plain good-ole healthy eating and living and moving our bodies!

Eating clean, healthy food that is not processed. Staying away from a lot of sugar and carbohydrates in our diets. Trying new foods, we never thought we would like before and changing the way we cook our foods.

Drinking a lot more water every day and moving our bodies. We are not exercise junkies. I don’t like going to the gym, never did, most likely never will. (My daughter has and will probably again), but I do exercise at home. I do like walking and swimming and my exercise bike. And just moving around every day, going up those stairs, walking the dog and walking to get the mail, keeps me active enough with my healthy eating to accomplish all the goals I (we) have set out for ourselves!

Setting little goals is the ticket! One goal at a time is key to success!

First Goal – start the morning right every day. Get up, move around, have a decent breakfast filled with protein (after my morning coffee of course!) and move, move, move. Getting that exercise in first thing, gives my mental attitude a boost, and makes me feel ready to start the day!

Second Goal – think about what food I am going to eat that day. Record in my log daily – so I can keep track of what I am eating, how many calories I am taking in and keep track of the nutrients I am eating though out the day. (I use My Fitness Pal) to log-in every day to keep me on track with my calorie and food goals.

Third Goal – “De-Stress” at the end of the day. Relax and keep calm. Set up a good night-time before bed routine for yourself. Getting a much-needed stress-free, relaxed sleep every night will help you wake up each morning feeling re-freshed and ready to start the day!

When? Why is this even relevant? Because if we don’t decide when we are going to start our journeys, then we probably never will. I ask myself “When” every day. And everyday it is the same answer – TODAY – I start my health happiness journey! I may not reach my goal every day, and some days I just may not feel like it, but to tell yourself everyday is the day when you start, is the right attitude to have!

Taking my health happiness journey together with my daughter is uplifting and it will continue on for a very long time. It keeps us both focused on what is important in our everyday lives of becoming healthy, happier people! Find your health happiness journey partner today!

Your mind, body and spirit will Thank You for it!

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