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Taking a Leap of Faith...

…Taking a leap of Faith…

Has it ever occurred to you, that taking a leap of faith doesn’t just mean trusting in a higher power? It also means taking those leaps and steps towards the right path of your health happiness journey. Taking a leap into the unknown can be a truly frightening experience or it can be the experience of a lifetime. You need to decide what it is for you!

For me, it was both 😊. Taking a leap of faith, towards trusting that “my higher power” would be there for me. Guiding, directing and watching over me when I just didn’t feel like taking my health happiness trip anymore. It was also, taking that leap into the unknown. Not knowing what my future would hold, or what my outcome would be, or how I was going to take this journey in the first place! I had to trust in the leap that I was taking. I had to trust that I would hit solid ground when I landed, and not land floating into a puddle of unknown water.

Stand your ground! Writing these words down now are so much easier in the middle of my journey, than they were at the start! Every day is taking a leap of some kind. Not wanting to fail and end up in that puddle every day can be a real struggle.

Staying focused and in the right mind-frame while taking any trip can be cumbersome, complicated, or even discouraging. But believing in your leap of faith every day will take that burden away from you, if you let it!

Don’t get so caught up in trying to real that fish in, that you forget what you are trying to hook in the first place! You are trying to “reel in” that better life of health, happiness, love, faith and contentment. So, if you don’t think you can catch that “BIG ONE” in the ocean of Faith, you probably already did, and you don’t even know it yet.

When you just need a little kick in the Butt to get you going, just remember taking that first leap into the unknown, is believing that you will land on your feet into the “Known”.

Taking your leap at any stage of your life journey is progress. Taking it to the end with you is perfection!

What are you waiting for? Take that leap of Faith today! And if you already did, and you need a little push to stay on your feet, take another one!

"Life is full of choices – decide which choice you want to reel in now"

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