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"Old Life - New Life"

“Old Life – New Life”

What a concept, right? Throwing away the old life, for a better new life doesn’t sound quite so easy! Habits don’t die off so easily, nor do new concepts or ideas stay around forever. So, what do we all do to hang onto that new successful life, and throw away the old life, never to be seen again?

Maybe, just maybe, we don’t have too! We don’t have to throw away our old lives to find our “new” healthful lives. Instead, we learn from our old habits, our old mistakes, our imperfections in finding our quests. We learn, forgive ourselves and move on. Vowing not to repeat the same mistakes in our old lives again. Is it doable? Why of course it is. We can’t just ignore our past lives, as if they never happened. But what we can do, is live the life we have always wanted, knowing what we already did or didn’t do right to make that happen.

Making mistakes is part of life. How do we ever learn anything if we don’t make mistakes and fail a time or two? Life changes will occur, but they won’t occur overnight, nor should they. It takes time, to find our new way, our new anything, any change worth having takes some time to succeed.

Failing to try anything new is a fail in life. Aren’t we all wanting to live a healthier, well-adjusted, happier, well-meaning new life? Well the good news is that we can!

Don’t look back with regret, remorse or should’ve, would’ve, wanted to but didn’t attitude and look ahead to no regrets, no remorse and I wanted to, I did, and I succeeded!

Learn from the past, live in the present, and believe in the future! It’s all waiting for you to start – what are you waiting for? Go forth and make those changes now!

The only one holding you back – is YOU!

** Live, Laugh, Love **

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