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Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits...

“Let your Life lead your Habits, don’t let your Habits lead your Life”

Breaking bad habits can take a very long time. Some habits you were destined to have before you were even born. Habits instilled in you by your parents growing up. Some habits influenced by outside sources, friends, co-workers, even your spouse.

Habits so deeply ingrained in your mind, that you think you may never be free of them. Not all your habits are bad, mind you. Some of them you can thrive from and pass on for generation to come. But the bad habits, the bad “eating habits” for example - You had to learn them, so You can unlearn them the same way.

Adjusting to your new year resolutions can take time to put into full force. Your old eating habits need to wear off first, before you can instill really good, healthy ones! Will it be easy, not at first! Remember, some of these bad habits were instilled in you from day one. Your first taste of food came from your parents. What they fed you, what you grew up with eating and the activities you were raised on led you to where you are today.

As you grew older, you made your own choices and you may have changed some of your eating and activities patterns for your own health journey. But you know as well as I do, that we did not become unhealthy individuals strictly by the way we were raised. Free Will plays a part in our choices as we grew older and became independent of our parents. Outside influences then became an even greater influence, because we didn’t have someone telling us “NO” all the time.

We had to make our own choices and decide which path we wanted to take. Did we make some wrong turns and bad choices along the way? Of course, we did, otherwise we wouldn’t be in our unhealthy bodies today.

We get so accustomed to living a certain way, that our habits become our reality, and we often find it too hard to break away from. Even after breaking some of our old ways, it can be so easy to go right back to the way we used to think about things. Sometimes it is just easier to remain like we are. Change is hard, but anything worth achieving to better our own well-being is worth that hard.

We just have to choose to want to live through that hard to be able to want that hard to become easy.

Getting the most out of each day is a more attainable goal if you're not sabotaging yourself with bad habits.

Here are 12 things you should stop doing, and what you should do instead to become more productive:

Start living your best life today!

Article from: Rachel Gillett and Dragan Radovanovic.

Do it today! What are you waiting for?

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