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Becoming Vegetarian.

Becoming a Vegetarian…

Is it for everyone? No. Is it for me? No. Is it for you? Yes or No or Maybe. You decide!

If you have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian, it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you grew up in a meat culture (most of us have) and have a hard time imagining a meal that doesn’t contain meat.

Becoming a vegetarian does not have to be difficult and getting the nutrition you need and want is not hard either when you choose to live a meat-free lifestyle.

So, why choose to go Vegetarian?

While being a vegetarian is not for everyone, if you are contemplating this option, it may be helpful to know some of the benefits of this approach to eating.

  • You can improve your health

  • Fewer Animals will suffer

  • Your food will be a lot safer

  • Your impact on the Earth will decrease

  • You will eat a lot more nutrients

Here are twelve tips for starting your Vegetarian Lifestyle:

  1. Start with a few meatless nights a week.

  2. Become educated more about vegetarianism. Do your research!

  3. Try a new vegetable or grain each week.

  4. Explore new culinary options and cuisines. There are so many diverse cultural vegetables out there that you have probably never even heard of! So, explore all the options!

  5. Look for replacement options for the foods that you think you will really miss! There are excellent meat substitutes on the market today should you feel the craving to explore.

  6. Make new lists. For every animal product, consider a plant-based alternative.

  7. Decide how you will approach eating eggs and dairy. Decide whether you will continue to drink milk, eat cheese or eggs, or purchase products containing any animal products at all. Do what makes sense for you.

  8. Understand your protein needs.

9. Keep a journal to help you stay focused on maintaining your vegetarian lifestyle, and how you are feeling health-wise on this new journey.

10. Watch out for nutrient deficiencies. Reading about nutrition and how you will be getting it from your new vegetarian lifestyle is vital. Educate yourself!

11. Make sure you tell your family, friends and co-workers what you are doing.This will keep you focused and they will understand why you are doing this, and not hinder your efforts.

12. Practice makes perfect! Start slowly and build your lifestyle up one day at a time.

Whatever you decide to do, remember it is a food lifestyle commitment that is not for everyone. It is a decision for you, and your health alone. Do your research, know the facts before you commit. Choose your own Health Happiness Path!

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