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You Are Good Enough.

You are good enough! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

If you can dream it, you can become it. Accepting yourself for how you are now instead of for how you want to be, can be a real struggle. You have to believe in yourself now, before you can believe in your future self.

We all struggle with trying to be good enough for everyone in our lives, that we forget to be good to ourselves first. To become a better version of ourselves, we must accept what we are good at now. Work out the “kinks” in our thinking if you will. Only then can you find your motivation, to find your inspiration.

You can find inspiration in everything, and if you have a hard time finding it, look again. Take a deep breath and dig down deep to find it. It is there waiting for you.

And if that doesn’t work, here are 10 reasons why YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

By Shelby Sever

1. You are good enough because you were chosen to exist. Whether by God or Buddha or whatever you do (or don’t) place your faith in, you are here. You have a purpose and you should try to understand what it is.

2. You are good enough because you have something no one else has to offer. A killer smile, an affinity for baking, excellent math skills — whatever your specialty might be, you’ve got something no one else can compare to.

3. You are good enough because you make big mistakes. Huge ones. And that’s awesome because it gives you the chance to become better. And you choose to take it.

4. You are good enough because someone out there loves you. You might not think so all the time, but they do. Perhaps they should tell you that more, or perhaps you should listen when they choose to do so.

5. You are good enough because you have shown vulnerability that shakes you to your core. You have given someone a tender and precious part of yourself that you can’t get back. This shows more courage than anything else.

6. You are good enough because you let that person go that hurt you and chose to move forward in life. You understood that you were worth more than the way you were treated. You learned to move on.

7. You are good enough because even though you know you have to let go of some people; you also know there are some you have to continue to forgive. You’ve become aware of the people who need to stay in your life, and sometimes those are the ones that need more forgiveness than others.

8. You are good enough because you have let your emotions consume you at times. You’ve sat down and drowned in yourself and truly known what it means to be human.

9. You are good enough because you’ve watched the sunrise or listened to the wind blowing the leaves around and actually appreciated it. You know that there’s natural beauty that man just can’t recreate. You think outside of yourself.

10. You are good enough because though you may be in a rut right now, or maybe you’re just having a rough day, you know that things will get better. You have hope. You let the beauty of the brighter days ahead of you carry you on until you reach them.

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