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Energy and Healing.

Energy and Healing!

What’s not to love about that?! It takes a lot of energy to heal ourselves of trauma, pain and sickness. But when you add Love energy into the picture, anything is possible! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s the time of year to be thankful for all of the “Love Energy” in our lives! Love is healing. Love is forgiving. Love is thankful. Love is energy!

"Energy surrounds us every day!" Letting that energy free to roam around inside and outside of ourselves is a true Thanksgiving gift we can give to ourselves and the loved ones all around us.

Love energy is the best treatment for what ails us on our health happiness journeys! Take that energy and move towards this Thanksgiving holiday with a renewed sense of hope. A renewed sense of thankfulness and a renewed sense of Faith in what we need to accomplish to be free from pain and sadness.

It’s a true energy that uses all of our senses to heal. Listen and welcome this purest form of energy into our minds and into our hearts. Breathe in and breathe out all of what surrounds us every day. Peace and mindfulness. Reflect on what you are truly thankful for this year. Open your heart to new experiences and let go of old ones.

Pause for just a moment to think about everyone who is around us, who supports us and who loves us, as we follow on our own path towards better health. Invite them all on your journey and appreciate all that they have to contribute to your life!

What a great feeling to experience all that love energy has to offer in our own healing process. Whether it takes a month, a year, or a lifetime. Hold on tight to all of that positive energy and don’t let it go. Not now, not ever.

Let all of that positive energy lift you up until you can’t go any higher. Bask in the warm light that it brings to you. Feel the warmth in your hands. Let it spread throughout your whole body and let it emanate through your touch to others. Let it guide you on the right path towards healing and happiness.

Love + Energy = Healing.

You got this; you need this. Let your energy flow through everything you touch, through everything you see, through everything you hear, and through everything you feel. You are on your way; nothing can stop you now!

Feel that energy and don’t ever let it go!

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