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Broccoli and Cheese Crock Pot Soup


  • 2 Fresh Bunches Broccoli Crowns

  • 1 medium Onion

  • 2 Cups Chopped or shredded Carrots

  • 4 Cups Chicken Broth

  • 1 Large Velveeta Cheese Block

  • 2 T Corn Starch

  • 2 Cloves Fresh Garlic, minced


  1. Chop the fresh broccoli into small pieces.

  2. Chop the onion into small pieces.

  3. Mix the chicken broth and cornstarch in a separate bowl. Set aside.

  4. Place the Velveeta cheese block onto the bottom of the crockpot in the center.

  5. Add the broccoli, onion, carrots and garlic.

  6. Add in the chicken broth and stir all together, avoiding the cheese block.

  7. Set the crockpot on low for 4 1/2-5 hours.

  8. Half way thru cooking time, stir the mixture along with the cheese.

  9. During the last half hour stir again to make sure the cheese is all melted and mixed together.

  10. Spoon and serve and Enjoy this home-made soup!

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