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Choosing your Battles!

Blog #22

Seeing a problem is a major step toward finding a solution. Owning up to it and accepting that there is a problem is taking a responsibility. Finding a solution to that problem and battle is the answer!

Putting all these steps into action in our everyday health happiness battles can definitely be a challenge. But choosing just one can put you on the right path towards long-term success!

Don’t tread too lightly that you can’t achieve the solutions you are looking to find to end your battle(s).

For me the battle of finding the right way to lose weight and keep it off permanently was a real struggle. As soon as I figured out the right way for me, (thru many years of research and no success) I was finally relieved when I found what works for me!

Accepting and Owning the fact that my weight loss battle was all about me, and not about any weight loss diets I may have tried, was the first step I took.

Finally, relief to just let it all go and realize that I needed the right “mind-set and motivation” to get started on my weight loss and keeping it off.

After I was able to focus and find my motivation (which was my health and family), I began to realize that it wasn’t a battle at all. The rewards I was giving myself by becoming a healthier me, far outlasted any battles I felt I had to fight.

Turns out they weren’t battles at all, just a few minor skirmishes and bumps in the road I had to conquer and defeat. Once I found the right diet plan for myself, I realized that it wasn’t a diet plan at all that I had to find, but simply a way of changing my life style to become a healthier me. It was all I needed to be successful. Not just for a week, or month, or year but for a lifetime!

My personal changes were not as tough as I first thought they would be. Once you take that first step towards change, your success is easier to continue than falling back. It is much easier to just keep moving ahead, instead of quitting and having to start all over again.

Transitioning your way of thought to positive changes and winning your battles are a much easier way to live than dealing with the negativity and resentment on a daily basis. Choose your battles carefully and thoughtfully and you will have a “Win-Win" attitude on your health happiness and your life!

What works for me? What can I change? What battle do I have to overcome?

What works for me? Keeping my motivation on a daily basis. Feeling so much better physically today than I did yesterday, every day. Embracing each day with a positive attitude. Knowing that just taking one day at a time is enough.

What can I change? One thing each week to keep me going on my health happiness journey. Last week was walking an extra 5 minutes every other day. This week – walking down my street to get the mail every day (instead of driving or stopping on the way home from work) to retrieve it.

Just changing one little thing weekly, you will notice your change in attitude immediately!

What battle do I have to overcome? Every day eating healthier and exercising, until it becomes a life-long habit for me, I will battle this daily.

Answer yourself these three questions and you will find you are off to a winning start! What are you waiting for? The race has already started, time for you to take off running and not looking back! You Go Girl, GO, GO, GO!!!

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