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Did I overeat again?

Blog # 257

Did I overeat again?

Why do we constantly do this to ourselves?

One holiday is over and another one is on its way! I feel like crap the day after because I totally gorged myself, unnecessarily! Why?

Why do we repeat the same mistakes over and over. Always justifying another piece won’t hurt me, or I will starve myself the next day, or I deserve this!

We work so hard to reach our goals, we work so hard to lose 1 pound, we work so hard at finding our health happiness and then all it takes is one day to sabotage our progress. Why? Old habits are hard to break. We have one excuse after another and another, and before we know it – we are losing weight and then gaining it back.

Day after day, month after month, year after year. Why?

Because we keep telling ourselves another day and I will start my journey. Does that day ever come? Stepping on the scale is all to real to face this time of the year.

Putting off our goals and health happiness, because why not? Another year is approaching, I have another year to make good on my resolutions, right?

But stepping on that scale does not lie to us. Only we do.

We keep telling ourselves we need to gain control of our lives and lose weight. But do we really take it seriously enough to start? To even know where to start, or how?

YES! We do! We know what works and what doesn’t work for us! But we keep putting off our changes for the next day. And unfortunately, that day never comes until we are over 100 pounds overweight, diagnosed with diabetes or worse. We have no energy, we are out of breath just walking to the mailbox to retrieve our mail, and just plain unhappy with ourselves.

I for one, have been at this place so many countless times!

Your mental health can become so damaged by doing this over and over and over again, that we just want a quick fix or to just plain give up on our health happiness journey all together.

But, failing is not an option if we want that healthier life, we have always dreamed of having!

Time to get our ducks in a row and to stop talking crap about and to ourselves. Enough is enough, isn’t it? Aren’t we all just tired of being tired?

Don’t we just want to wake up everyday and be happy with ourselves and our bodies?

Don’t we just want that same energy that our kids have? Don’t we want to take that walk without huffing and puffing and dying on the way back?

Just say YES!

Don’t we just want to take our life back?




Time to get our crap together before it’s too late. Tomorrow is never promised, so live for today and take care of yourself before it’s too late! No more excuses!

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