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Don't Be Hung Out To Dry!

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May 6, 2022

Don’t be left hung out to dry!

Do you ever feel abandoned while you are trying to lose weight and find your health happiness? Do you find other people are trying to sabotage your progress?

Do you feel like just giving up and giving in?

Well, don’t do it. Don’t let those feelings the other people are making you feel make you abandon all of your progress. It is all about them, not you. Most of the time those other people who are in or out of your daily life, see your changes for the better, and because they need to make some or all of those changes for themselves, they tend to sabotage the changes you are making.

Because you look and feel so much better, they can often be jealous of your new self and the persona you are representing. They may feel threatened that you will become a different person, or they may make you feel like you are becoming a different person. But it’s all on them, not you!

You are becoming a different person, a healthier, happier person. So don’t let those people bring you down and make you feel bad. You are doing the right thing for yourself, no matter what other people may think of you.

You are finally free from all your unhealthy habits. Do not let all the progress you have made slip back to your past bad habits. Your future is just beginning as a new healthier, happier you. So do not let yourself be hung out to dry. Stand up and say I can do this and so can you! Do not let other people judge you because they are unhappy with themselves. They just want what you have! A new attitude, a new perspective, a new knowledge, and a new outlook on life. You are becoming the person you have always wanted to be, so don’t let anyone change that for you!

You just keep doing you and don’t look back. Once you achieve all that you want in life, those people will be so impressed and enlightened by you, that hopefully they will find their purpose and become healthier, happier human beings too!

Let the sun rise on a new day. Each new day is one step closer to reaching your goals. So, don’t listen to those naysayers and don’t judge yourself or those that would say you can’t do it, because you know what?

You absolutely are doing it. You are on your way and your life is only going to get better and better.

So, bring your attitude in from the rain and hang it up for good. The days of being hung out to dry are over!

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