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Ice Cream Layer Pound Celebration Cake


· 1 Marble Pound Cake Loaf · 1 cup chocolate ice cream, slightly softened · 2 Cups Chopped Oreos · 1 cup chocolate chip ice cream, slightly softened · 1 cup mini M and M’s · 1 cup Cookie’s and Cream ice cream, slightly softened · Chocolate shell ice cream sauce (the type that hardens), for covering the top.


1. Slice the pound cake horizontally into 3 pieces. Place the first slice in a loaf tin lined with plastic wrap. Cover the cake with the chocolate ice cream, followed by one cup of the chopped Oreos, and ¼ of the mini M&M’s. Add a second layer of cake and cover with the chocolate chip ice cream, followed by another ¼ of the M&M’s.

2. Place the last layer of cake on top, followed by the Cookie’s and Cream ice cream. Cover with the remaining chopped Oreos and M&M candies. Cover with the chocolate shell sauce and let the sauce set for a few seconds, then fold over the plastic wrap and place in the freezer until frozen, about 4 hours.

3. When ready to serve, pull back the plastic wrap, gently lift the cake out and peel off the wrapping completely. Slice to serve.

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