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Is Love in your Air?

February 12, 2021

Blog 194

Is love in the Air? Look around you! Love is everywhere around you. There can be beauty and love in everything you see. Even when you see yourself!

Take a good look in that mirror and see yourself for who you really are. Love yourself for who you really are. Love starts on the inside. When you love yourself on the inside, that glow of love will show on your outside!

It will show in the form of a smile on your face. It will show in your bright and wide-awake open eyes. It will show with your beautiful hand gestures and the softness of your touch. It will be heard with your gentle ears that listen so intently, and from your perfect voice sharing tender thoughts!

Unlock that love in your heart and share it with yourself and others. Once you release yourself from all of the hurt and pain you are feeling you can begin to heal and open up all kinds of possibilities in your heart!

Letting go of all that “stuff” can be one of the most peaceful and loving ways you will ever feel and treat yourself too. Once you look into that mirror, I mean really take a good look into that mirror, you will realize that you are a fabulous, awesome human being!

You will be open to so many new relationships! You will be open to so many existing relationships that just needed a little ummphhh!

These three little words can have such a big meaning to someone you truly care about – YOU! Open your heart, open your mind, open your arms! You deserve to have so much love in your life! Once you do this, you can share your love with everyone else you truly care about. And they will want to share their love with you!

Let your love shine through! Love is truly in the air… to Stay…

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