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Is your Weight Weighing you down?

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July 22, 2022

Is your Weight Weighing you down?

Is your scale showing you numbers you don’t’ want to see? Are you in denial? Do you think the scale is wrong?

The scale does not lie, but we sure do! How many times have we stepped on the scale thinking that we have done everything right and see numbers we don’t want to believe?

Plenty of times for me that’s for sure! For you too, I am most positive. We may think we are eating healthy and convince ourselves that we are, but the truth hurts, and the scale shows us this. Trying to stay on any particular diet is not a lifetime choice to finding our health happiness that we will have forever.

Most diets are fads and are not sustainable. Sure, we may lose a lot of weight on any particular diet, but will we maintain the weight loss and keep the pounds from returning? Probably not. Why? Because we really did not lose the weight the right way to begin with. We haven’t achieved our life-long success.

Yes, we may have lost inches, but will they slowly creep back up on us? Maybe Yes, maybe No. It all depends on if the way we lost our weight is a way we can eat to live or live to eat for the rest of our lives.

Some, not all mind you will find a way to make their diet work forever. But most diets just do not show you haw to maintain and keep the weight off once you go off of the diet. It really is not possible to stay on any particular diet for an extended period of time. They are not designed that way. The gimmicks are designed to show you how to lose weight, usually in a quicker amount of time. But they do not teach you how to eat healthy for the rest of your life and keep the pounds off, without having to return to their diet plan.

It is a win- win for them and a total loss for us, and not the permanent weight loss we were looking for or expecting to receive.

So, what do we do to lose the weight and keep it off permanently?

We change our attitude on the way we look at food. We change our attitude on the way that we look at doing exercise. We change our attitude on the way that we stay hydrated, and we change our attitude on the right way to get enough rest.

You have to change the way you are eating and moving. Plain and Simple. Right?

Yes, it really is. If we change the way we thought about the foods we put in our mouth, if we thought about why we are not moving our bodies, and why we aren’t getting enough restful sleep. – We can change the way we lose and maintain the weight we have lost permanently.

You know your attitude has changed for the better when you start to feel better, when you start to move better, when you feel alive and energized. Now who doesn’t want to feel like that for the rest of their lives?!

It simply will not happen, if we keep switching to diet after diet, and not making any real-life changes. If we are expecting different results every time, we change to a new diet plan it will not happen. We have all been there, we have all done that.

Making Real changes makes Real changes!

Stop carrying that weight and slow down! Losing weight and keeping it off if is a slow and steady process. We did not gain all our weight in a day, but boy do we know how we gained it in the first place! By making unhealthy choices!

Make choices and changes “YOU” know you can live with. Not the way anyone else does. Follow the right guidelines and information on making those healthier choices and do it at your own pace.

Try changing one thing at a time, and you will gain a lifetime of success on your health happiness journey.

I am doing it, and you can too! One day at a time, one step at a time, one change at a time!

You can do it the right way! Failure is never an option! Be the Change you want to Be!

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