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It just clicked... a Mother and Daughter's journey to Health Happiness.


...It just clicked… A mother and daughter’s journey to health happiness…

For myself (“The Mom”) it just clicked one day waking up early in the morning after dreaming of my mother who had passed away a few years ago. She had diabetes and was diagnosed with brain cancer, which ended up taking her life. I was diagnosed with diabetes, and for some reason that morning after my dream, I had, had enough of my overweight, un-moving self. It just clicked with me that I had to do something about finding my health happiness journey once and for all. It was what my Mother wanted for me, and it was about time I started that journey for myself.

For my daughter ("The daughter"), it just clicked with her while driving on her way to work one day. She was also tired of living in an overweight, inactive, tired body and decided that she had had enough of it too! I had already started my journey a year earlier and was always encouraging her to start hers. In her career she is surrounded by health care coaches and experts in health every day. She knew what she needed to do every day, but it didn’t click with her to actually take her health happiness journey until that one day on her way in to work.

Why did we both just have a “one day it clicked” moment? I don’t know for sure, but it clicked that day and has been clicking every day since. It was like an alarm clock went off one day and didn’t turn off for us.

Now we are taking this journey together. One step at a time, one day at a time, one pound at a time.

It’s not just about losing weight for us, it’s about finding ourselves again. Deciding to stay on track for a healthier future is what is the most important for us. Gaining our health freedom back is a feeling that for us, is what matters most. Being able to take this journey together is an added benefit. We are helping each other with our ups and downs, our successes, our not having such a great day pick-me-ups, and celebrations in a healthy, good for you kinda way!

Getting to know what each other needs to be successful, has given us a way to become closer as mom and daughter and as true friends.

What a relief to find our health happiness together. Taking the road by yourself is what is needed at first to awaken your own spirit for a healthier you. But taking the road with a friend by your side just makes getting to the end of that road that much easier!

I would like to tell you that this journey is all sunshine and roses. But it’s not. Some days are a real struggle to stay focused and remember why we are on this journey to begin with. Beating ourselves up for having a cheat day, or for not exercising one day is a real-life problem, that together makes it easier to overcome.

Starting over occurs more often than not! My daughter’s struggle can become hard for her with her diagnosis of P.C.O.S. (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) because it can make you gain weight, which she has. So, with our medical diagnosis’s we have to work a lot harder to reach our goals.

We must constantly remind each other that we can do it, that we can reach our goals, that we can become healthier, happier individuals and achieve all our dreams together!

I’m not getting any younger and she’s getting older – no time to waste! Finding what works for us and sharing tips and strategies are real life savers for us.

What clicked for us? Tired of not having any energy. Tired of not feeling well. Tired of being depressed. Tired of not being happy with the way we look. Tired of being tired. Tired of not being active. Tired of not being able to do the things we want because of our bodies restrictions. Wanting to live the life the way that we want to, not because of the way that we have to.

Our future is not determined from our past and our present is not determined by what the future may bring. Accomplishing what we both started

out to do, is what makes the rest of living our lives, the best of living our lives!

Start your own health happiness journey today! Pair up with your own path buddy and take that journey together. What are you waiting for? Have your own “it just clicked” moment and start living today! Why? Because “YOU” are so worth it!

Take that health happiness journey and don’t ever look back! The “it just clicked” moment you are waiting for is closer than you realize! Just open your heart, mind and eyes and you too will be on your path towards health happiness!

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